My Favourite Lunch Meal Prep – Mexican Power Bowl

This has easily become one of my favourite recipes to make for my week’s lunch. The actual recipe is so ridiculously easy to make and very healthy.

I actually add kale, spicy salsa, sometimes cheese, and avocado and make it into a kind of taco salad, or Mexican Power Bowl, if you will. I found blue corn tortilla chips at the shop that’s made with blue corn (obvs), quinoa, sunflower seeds, etc. I live for this entire meal at lunchtime lately. I’ve made it two weeks in a row and actually can’t wait to get to lunch. Not only because it’s break time, but because I want to eat this.

Here’s the actual recipe.

And without further ado, I’ll show you how I make this.

First thing’s first, you dice the onion up. I include more than just a half because I love onions so why not?


You just add the garlic and the meat and cook it until it’s no longer pink. I’ve made this with beef and turkey and they’re both very good. Obviously the beef has just a little bit more flavour so it’s your choice what you want to make. For the sake of this post, I used a very lean beef.

Then you add the cumin, chili powder, salt, and black pepper. I never make this with the green chilies because they don’t have those jarred in the UK and I can never be bothered to cut up chilies. However, I do have a jar of chopped red chilies so sometimes I will add a teaspoon of those to the mixture.


From here, you just put in the can of black beans, I use a can of corn instead of frozen, a can of chopped tomatoes (if I can’t find fire roasted, which is hard to find in the UK), hot salsa, and the rinsed quinoa. Once that has started to bubble up, just add the water and then cover for about 25 minutes.

Once my timer has gone off, I sprinkle a little bit of cheese on top and cover for a few more minutes while it melts. I don’t use as much as the recipe calls for as I try to limit the amount of cheese I eat. However, it does taste much better with a mature cheddar on top. Absolutely divine.


And that’s it!

I section this off into 5 containers for meal prep, add a handful or two of sliced kale to the top, a few scoops of salsa, half an avocado, and sometimes more cheese and this makes an amazing meal. Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, it’s nutritious and extremely flavourful. And as I find it extremely hard to eat kale, this is a perfect way to mix it up in there and hide the fact I’m eating kale. Which it does perfectly. PERFECTLY.


Let me know if you decide to try this one out, as you should! It’s too good not to. Kids will love it, adults will love it. Anyone will love it.

Much Love