16 Week Lifestyle Fitness and Health Challenge

As you guys may know, the 8 weeks leading up to my holiday I had been following Sarah’s Day’s Sweat It to Shred It ebook, which is an 8 week active lifestyle challenge. Essentially, it’s a guide with different workouts that you can adapt into a lifestyle instead of just a fad workout plan that eventually you quit or one that ends. It’s supposed to comfortably fit into your life so that you can maintain it forever and ever.

I’ve really enjoyed it. It starts off relatively simple and gets harder as the weeks go on. She recently launched her newest ebook which includes weeks 9-16 and concludes the “lifestyle challenge.” Although those workouts look extremely intense so that will be interesting when I get to them.


I had initially anticipated that I would get in some workouts when I was in the States on holiday, and as soon as I returned, I’d get back into the swing of things and start on the second ebook.

LOL. Not.

When I got on holiday, any motivation to do anything went completely down the drain guys. I don’t know if it’s because I entered holiday mode or if it’s because of the massive amounts of food I ate in America. I’m going with the latter because it affected me for the entire week afterwards when I was back in the UK as well. The amount of sugar and salt in the food in the States is not only astounding, but also deeply affects my energy levels. It was also insanely hot which never helps matters for me. I prefer cooler temperatures so super hot and humid weather makes me want to sit inside next to the AC unit.

But anyway, the point is that I became a bum again which I had not planned for. So over the weekend, I decided that I needed to get myself out of this rut and made a plan to begin the lifestyle challenge from the very beginning and then carry it on through.


Once I had planned out all the weeks, the week after I would finish the full 16 weeks would be my birthday week. And I would love it if I could make some serious changes to my body before then. What a birthday treat that would be! 🙂

So today begins the challenge. As I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night, the last thing I wanted to do this morning when I woke up at 6am was workout. So instead of immediately doing a HIIT, I decided I’d go on a morning walk to the park. I can tell my body needs to be eased into this challenge versus jumping in head first. I don’t want to burn myself out right away. Which essentially is the entire point of the ebooks. It’s about tailoring the workouts to fit YOUR life so that it’s easily maintainable. That is why I liked them so much. I also genuinely enjoy HIIT workouts.

To give you guys an idea of what my end goal is, I essentially want to have a lean and toned body. I’m not into looking super muscular, I still want my curves, but I just want them to be toned instead of flubbery, ya feel?


The thing about getting to that point is that just adapting a workout regime won’t do it. The food I put into my body is probably the most important aspect of losing weight and gaining muscle. As you guys know, I generally eat very healthy. I have spent the last year researching, testing, and trying out new recipes and products to get to a point where I can fully satisfy my hunger and fuel my body while also enjoying the foods I am eating.

I am a strong believer in enjoying your foods. I very rarely eat broccoli because I genuinely hate it. Although, I like asparagus, green beans, peas, zucchini (courgettes), and spinach so I will eat those instead. It’s hard for me to eat kale raw so I sneak it into my smoothies, or my Mexican Power Bowl. I try to make sure I am always getting enough protein and fiber, as well as eating my fruits and vegetables.


It’s not an easy feat, but it is worth it. My body performs so much better when I am eating well and exercising. I am a much happier person when I’m taking care of myself.

The next time you’ll get an in depth analysis on this journey will be at my halfway mark in 8 weeks’ time and then at the end at 16 weeks. From there, I plan to continue on with my workouts and healthy eating obviously, however, I probably won’t be as strict as I plan to be during these next 16 weeks. This is a lifestyle change, but right now it’s a lifestyle challenge.


Obviously, I plan to keep you all updated in my Instagram stories and posts. So if you’re not following me on there already, be sure to click here so you can follow me now. I also recently got a Fitbit Versa as you can see in the picture above so it tracks all my exercise, heart rate, steps, and even logs my period. If you can’t tell, I love it already. If any of you have a Fitbit and want to be friends on there, please add me here so I can add you back. I’d love to connect with you guys as I love participating in the challenges on there!

If any of you want to join me in this challenge, click here to find the ebooks that you can purchase. Remember they’re in AUD, so they’re not as expensive as it looks. And also let me know if you have any questions about what I’m doing. I am in no way a nutritionist or a health or fitness coach, but I can always offer up my advice and my opinions based on my knowledge and experience thus far.

Hope you all have a nice week. Here’s to being happy and healthy!

Much Love