That Time I Casually Went Indoor Skydiving on a Saturday

For my birthday (which was in November by the by), one of my best friends got me one of those Virgin Experience vouchers to do indoor skydiving…. I know right?

As we’re always busy and have a hard time finding times to meet up, it was even harder to schedule a time we were both available and there were time slots open. Luckily, we eventually booked it.


It was held at one of the iFly locations, Milton Keynes. We had to meet at Euston Station and get a separate train to Milton Keynes. As we booked one of the fast Virgin trains, it only took a half hour to get there which was very nice. We definitely got there early but were able to go to the viewing deck to get an idea of what was to come.

It’s basically a chamber that has air pushing hard from below so that you essentially are “flying,” or skydiving… indoors. It looked really cool.


When it was our time, they have you watch an 8 minute video which shows you what you’re about to do, and how you can become a “master flyer” by continuing to come back. And then it goes through the hand motions for you. The instructor goes in the chamber with you and holds you up so that you can stay steady. They will give you certain hand signs to tell you how to correct yourself, like straighten your legs, bend your legs, relax, chin up, or a thumbs up for “you’re doing perfect.”

Once the video is over, they give everyone an option to put on the virtual reality masks which would be really really cool. However, they were offering it for £20 and I wasn’t all that interested as I didn’t know what to expect yet.

So then you get your equipment. They give you a suit that thousands of other people have worn, helmets, ear plugs, and goggles.


Eventually, you make your way up stairs to the chamber. And then one by one, the instructor pulls someone out for their first 1-minute fly.

And it was really cool. I took notice of how everyone else was doing and noticed that you did need to squeeze your muscles and activate your core the entire time to stay steady. He corrected me when I first got in there to adjust my arms as it helps to stabilize the body, but other than that, I didn’t get any other corrections…. ah thank you.



The next round, you have an option to do a high fly which basically means the instructor will spin you all the way up the chamber, come back down, and go up again. It’s a £6 extra but everyone always does it. This place really does know how to make their money. And of course I opted for it. Why not?

And to be honest, it doesn’t actually feel like you’re going up super high. You can’t feel your stomach drop. It doesn’t feel like you’re falling. It feels exactly how it looks and sounds – like air is pushing you up so your floating in midair. And apparently, that’s exactly how skydiving feels as well.


It was a really cool experience. It’s made me feel a lot more confident about actually skydiving in the future. I’ve always said that I would do it, but I’d want to do it somewhere picturesque, like Hawaii, or somewhere truly worth it. And after this experience, I definitely wouldn’t be nearly as nervous or scared as I would have been.

I actually think it’s a really great idea to do indoor skydiving before you do the real thing to get an idea of what it feels like, especially if you’re nervous in any way.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. And we had the best day together. It was gorgeous out. We had a lovely lunch in Hampstead and ended up on a hike through the wilderness – thanks Melisa. And had a lot of great girl talks and catch ups.



And then, on my way home, I stopped off at Westfield Stratford City and stocked up on a ton of stuff from Lush and am now trying natural deodorant. So I’ll have to let you all know how that goes 🙂

I hope you all had a lovely weekend yourselves. Happy Monday!

Much Love