My Travel Bucket List

Travel is a big part of why I decided to move to the UK. I wanted easier access to see the world. Travelling is much more popular and normal over here, and cheaper. And I want to take full advantage.

We’ve recently booked a holiday for the beginning of October. It’s not a place listed below, but it sure is going to be beautiful and we’re both incredibly excited for it.

Since we booked the holiday, I’ve gotten the travel bug. I realised that it is possible to find cheap and luxurious holidays and I don’t want it to end here. I want to spend less money on food powders and clothes and more on experiences. Which is why I decided to put together a specific Travel Bucket List that I can start crossing off as I go. And of course, will add to it as I find other things I am interested in doing.

There are a few that have always been dreams of mine that I’ve already been able to cross off so we’ll start off with those.

Visit NYC

I’ve been 4 times. I’ve visited friends twice, and been there to meet up with D when we were long distance twice. I used to think I wanted to live there but I am now very glad I never made the move as I would have been a bitter and seriously unhappy person if I had done that.


Live in London

It was either NYC or London for me, but London seemed like a far-fetched dream as it required a Visa and I knew my parents were never going to be that enthused about it. Funnily enough, I met a Brit and fell in love with him so here I am. And I’m so entirely happy it worked out this way. I love London soooo much more than NYC and am glad life led me here instead.


Tour French vineyards

Incredibly tasting wine, beautiful vineyards, croissants, and more wine. Not sure I need to explain myself more than that?

Not yet pictured

See Northern Lights in Norway

I am obsessed with space stuff. I have been since I took an astronomy class at uni. I absolutely loved it, and I’ve always wanted to witness the Northern Lights in person. There are a lot of places you can go to see them, but I’d love to see them in Norway.

Not yet pictured

Whitewater Rafting in Colorado, or Arizona/Utah

Most people tend to go to Colorado to snowboard. As I’ve never been into Winter sports, I would, however, be interested in going Whitewater Rafting there. I’ve only ever heard amazing things about Colorado so it would be a great place to visit, and this is something I would love to do while there.

Not yet pictured

Hike the Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii

There’s many things I’d love to do in Hawaii, number one being visiting there in general. My parents have been many times and absolutely love it. I’d also love to take surfing lessons there. And if I had to choose a place to skydive, it would definitely be Hawaii. But hiking the Stairway to Heaven would be a thrill.

Not yet pictured

Sleep in an over-the-water bungalow in French Polynesia

This is actually our honeymoon goal. We’ve already discussed this one and if there’s one thing that we 100% make sure we do when it comes to our wedding, it is doing the honeymoon right. And if that means splashing out on a bungalow in French Polynesia, we’re both there. This is happening.

Not yet pictured

Play with the elephants in Thailand

D has been to Thailand many many times, and it’s one of his favourite places to travel to. So obviously he wants to take me there. And I’m never going to turn down a chance to travel to somewhere as beautiful as that. I also love elephants. They are my favourite animal ever, and when we go to Thailand I want to take a whole day to play with the elephants there. I think my heart would just melt.

Not yet pictured

Visit the waterfalls in Croatia

Croatia is another one of those places I feel like I could just get lost in. And all the pictures of the waterfalls I’ve seen look just astounding. Which is why it has made it’s way onto my bucket list. I want to hike and visit the waterfalls, and of course see Dubrovnik.

Not yet pictured

Go on an African Safari

This has become a very popular thing the last couple of years – everyone going on a safari. But I would love to do it in Africa. The excitement of seeing the animals in their own natural habitat would be a truly mesmerizing experience, and is how I personally believe it should be. Instead of capturing them and forcing them to live in our zoos, we should be safely visiting them in their habitats instead as it just doesn’t seem fair to lock wild animals in cages just so our children can see them. I’ve never seen a lion in a zoo look happy or content with it’s life.

Not yet pictured

See the Eiffel Tower glitter at Night

It’s an easy one as I’m not too far away from Paris, but it’s an expensive trip. Most Brits aren’t very fussed about France, or Paris in particular, but it’s still on my bucket list and it’s just something that I want to do. And it has to be done with D, it is supposed to be a romantic city after all.

Not yet pictured

Sleep in a castle in the UK

Well this one should be easy as I live here. But it’s all about finding the right opportunity to do so. I reckon this will be one of the most difficult things to cross off.

Not yet pictured

Float in the Dead Sea

I mean duh! Who doesn’t want to do this? Although, given the current state of the world at the moment, this one will have to wait awhile. I hope that it is a possibility still in my lifetime.

Not yet pictured

Explore the Waitomo Glowworm cave in New Zealand

If you haven’t heard of this, google it immediately. It looks magical. Although, if you think about it, it’s just a bunch of gross worms. However, the lights look wonderful. I’d love to include this as part of the trip when we eventually get to New Zealand.

Not yet pictured

See a kangaroo in Australia

YASS. This must happen. D has been to Australia before, but not yet to New Zealand so when we go, we’ll hit both of these places in one go. And I must see a kangaroo.

Not yet pictured

See the Colosseum in Rome

I mean, history. The fact they’ve preserved this so well is a miracle in and of itself, and I would love to be able to see this and walk through it. Of course, there are many things I would love to do in Italy as well. Like see the Fountain of Youth and Venice. And eat all the pasta and drink all the wine of course. I would love a long trip to Italy someday.

Not yet pictured

Party in Barcelona

The Brits aren’t too enthused about Spain as it’s kind of like our Florida. It’s a place you grow up going to and after awhile, it gets old. However, I still want to go and experience it. And I definitely want to have a good party in Barcelona. And see Mallorca and soak up the sun. It can be a relatively cheap holiday so this would be easy to accomplish if I can convince enough people to come 🙂

Not yet pictured

See the sunset in Greece

I’d love to see sunsets everywhere, but a Greek sunset looks amazing in pictures. I can only imagine what it must look like in person. I’d LOVE to travel around the Greek islands. And it’s really rather cheap, so I’m hoping for a girl’s trip here sometime soon….

Not yet pictured

Road trip through the US

So this has never been a major thing for me to do. But for a lot of the people who live here in the UK, they all seem to be interested in driving across America to see a bunch of famous spots and travel through the States. I’ve done this often between Michigan and Florida when we were kids. We didn’t stop to see the sights, just for food and breaks, so I can’t imagine why there’s such a big interest in it. However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from moving over here, it’s that the grass is always greener and something that’s foreign to you is automatically enticing. So as this is on D’s bucket list, it’s obviously on mine as we will do this at some point. To be fair, it would be amazing to see Oregon, Washington, and those states in that area as they do look beautiful. I’m happy with it as long as it leads me to….

Not yet pictured

Eat In-n-Out burger in California

To be quite frank, the main reason I would like to visit California is to try In-N-Out burger. I’ve heard way too much about it and am desperate to eat some. And of course, would love to visit Napa Valley and other vineyards if possible. But yeah, food.

Not yet pictured


If I’m being totally real with you guys, most of my travels are inspired by food. I think food is such an important part of travel and can really make or break a holiday so if the food and view is good, I’ll probably be happy. I’m sure a lot of these will change as the years go on. As I cross one thing off and add a photo, I’ll add something else to the list. But as a starting point, there’s already a lot I want to see, which only means that I have a lot to look forward to.

As I tend to tell everyone, I have a very small amount of experience with travelling so far and am pretty much up for anything. If you offer me a holiday, more often than not, I would say yes.

But as I’ve never been on a beach holiday on my own without my family, I’m incredibly excited for my first one with D in October. We are already counting down the days… Try and guess where it is you think we’re going?? I’ll give you a hint, it’s only about a 3.5 hour flight from us! Comment below your guesses!

Much Love