My 10 Favourite iPhone Apps

I wanted to share my favourite apps with you guys today because maybe, just maybe, one of these will be what you’re looking for.

A lot of these are extremely useful when it comes to being able to blog on the go. However, not all of these are essential for my blogging work. In fact, some of them have nothing to do with it at all. But they all have easily become part of my weekly life in one way or another. Now I’ll explain why.


Obviously it’s first on the list because I spend a significant amount of time on the Gram. If I’m not posting my daily photo in the morning, I am checking my notifications, scrolling through my explore page, or conversing with my community or any new followers.



I get a lot of my creative inspiration from Instagram. I’ve always loved photography, and it’s a brilliant way to learn it by seeing pictures all day long. I also get ideas and recipes for different foods. I get suggestions on what clothes and bags to buy for my next shopping spree. I can see reviews for skincare products and any new products my favourite companies bring out. I can see what my friends, family, and fellow bloggers are up to. It really does open up a lot of opportunities for me.

Instagram has a lot of offer. And for those people who give social media a bad rep, I challenge them to evaluate why they’re having such a negative experience with it. Fair enough, it does make me wish I could afford to travel more. And I do tend to live a lot of my life getting the best picture for the Gram, but it also has given me a beautiful community and place where I can truly be myself. It lets me be creative and meet new people. It teaches me how to be a better photographer, editor, and blogger.


And more importantly, it makes me feel like I am not alone when I’m going through something. Social media, or Instagram specifically, can be a great tool for mindfulness and wellness. You just have to learn not to compare yourself to others and to only follow the accounts that spread positivity and make you feel good about yourself. Those women on there taught me to love my body for what it is. Some of those women on there are the reason I have motivation to work out and eat healthy every single day. It’s all about how you use it.


I had never been interested in meditating. And quite honestly, I used to make fun of it. Although to be fair, I think we all did. It just looks funny and sounds silly.

However, once I started to notice how better off my moods were just from my morning workouts, I thought that I would try meditating as well. I had heard a lot about Headspace and saw that it only occupied 3 minutes every morning. So it was stupid not to try it out, if it’s only a few minutes.


I downloaded the app and started on the beginner part – 3 minutes every day. Of course, life got in the way and I found that meditating worked best for me in the mornings before work, so if I missed it then, I wouldn’t do it that day.

Guys, those 3 minutes after my workout every morning were glorious. There would be cars driving by, and I would get really frustrated because all I’d want is some god damn peace and quiet and then the man on the app would say “let go of all sounds around you – just let them come and go” and then I’d be like oh my goooooood, yaaas I needed to hear that.

My morning meditations are easily becoming one of my favourite things. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. Even when I’m having a shit day, if I meditated in the morning, I can deal with it better.

I’ve exhausted through all of the free portions of the app and all the rest can be unlocked with a subscription. The normal subscription is either £9.99/month or £74/year. As that’s crazy expensive for meditation, I just couldn’t justify it. However, within the next week, they are running a promo for 40% off a year’s subscription. So it’s only £44/year. That equals about £3.50/month. Much much more affordable. So I paid for the year’s subscription and am looking forward to where I’ll be in a year’s time now with all the meditating I’ll be doing!



I had a FitBit a long time ago but eventually got bored and threw it away. As I’ve recently been getting back into fitness, I remembered how useful having a fitness tracker was. Not only did it keep all my stats in a convenient place, but it made me want to move more and do better.

I bought one from Amazon when we were in the States, as it’s a bit cheaper there. And I love it. I have the FitBit Versa and it has GPS, can go under water, and tracks almost every exercise.

The FitBit app has also gotten a lot better. It can even track my periods. As I have an IUD, my periods are super irregular, so I’m hoping it can see a pattern so I have a better idea with that going forward. I log my water intake to make sure I reach my goal every day. I log my weight so that I can keep track of that and see how it changes over time. It also logs my steps, miles, stairs, calories, sleep and active minutes. It keeps track of my heart rate as well and it will vibrate if I haven’t completed my 250 steps per hour every day.


The app also has challenges and a community page where you can get workouts from a FitBit Coach. It is the most perfect app if you’re into fitness and are trying to live a healthier life. It has everything in it.

I have linked my Messages app and WhatsApp to my Fitbit so that I get notification sent to my watch. It can be annoying if you’re in a group chat, but I like that function when my phone is tucked away somewhere and someone is trying to call or text me. I can see if it’s even important or not.

I love my Versa. If you’re interested in getting a smart watch, the Versa is the best. But more on that later…


I had been wanting an app that I could easily understand to edit my photos for the blog and Instagram. I did a lot of research then tried out a free trial of Lightroom. I really liked it and have started to watch tutorials to get better on my photo editing.


I use Lightroom almost every day if the photo I need to post has yet to be edited. I love that there is so much you can do with it. And the more I use it, the more I learn and the better my photos are looking.

The Weather Channel

Well, the secret is out. I am obsessed with the weather. So yes, I look at the weather channel app every day. Whether it’s to pick out an outfit for the day, or just because I need to know what to expect.


Of course, meteorologists are wrong all the time and you never know if it’s completely accurate. However, I still love this app. I’ve been using it for years and have all my favourite places saved as well.


Google Maps

Google Maps is life. I used to use it every day when I left work to see what the quickest route home was because traffic was horrible around the Detroit area and if there was an accident, it could take me hours to get home.


I still use it on the regular today. Whether D is driving, and he needs me to navigate, or I’m in London and trying to find my way to a certain place, Google Maps is the default.

That is, unless…


…we’re getting the train. Anytime I’m getting the train, Citymapper is consulted to see the times and best routes to get there. It will tell you if a train is delayed or cancelled. It can even tell you days or a week in advance what the schedule will be like.


I use this app to plan all my trips.

And the coolest thing about it is it’s not just for London. Most major cities are compatible with the app so if you travel, you should definitely always have this app on your phone. It is definitely the best to use.


I initially downloaded it when we were going to NYC so that we could figure out the subway. Unfortunately, the subway is impossible to figure out and even a magical app couldn’t help us. It works seamlessly with London though. Whether you need a bus, train, uber, or to walk, it tells you the quickest way!

Apple Podcast

Podcasts have become much more popular in the last few years. I had never been too interested as I preferred listening to music. However, now that I’ve matured a lot, I am much more interested in them. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to dedicate to trying new channels out, but the few I have tried I do enjoy quite a bit.


Especially when I’m on the train, or at work, during lunch or things like that. It has easily become something I look forward to. Especially now that I’ve been working really hard on the blog, I have a few podcasts that help with #GirlBosses and #Influencers. I like to listen to those so I can get advice and information on how to run this biznaz.


I would like to do a whole blog post devoted to my favourite podcasts eventually when I have enough to talk about so that will come in the future sometime. Hopefully with things winding down a bit as summer is coming to an end, I will have more time for certain things like this.

Amazon Music

Ok right. I have tried every single music app there is. Whether it’s my own music on iTunes, or paying for a subscription to Apple Music, or Spotify – both the free and premium version, or Pandora back when I was in the States, it is now Amazon Music.

The main reason for this is because I already have an Amazon Prime membership that I’m paying for and it comes with Amazon Music. So instead of paying for music somewhere else, I wanted to give this a go so as to save a bit of money.


With the little bit of time I have spent on it, I do like the playlists so far. It’s very similar to Spotify how it’s set up. Although I tend to get annoyed with Spotify playlists really quick, I didn’t get that with Amazon. They also have the feature where you can thumbs up or down songs so they’ll play more of what you like and less of what you don’t like. This is how Pandora would usually do it as well and I always liked that feature. It made Pandora indispensable after awhile as all the music was tailored to your interests.


I’d like to keep trying with Amazon Music and see where it can get me, so stay tuned for more info.

Nikon WMU

Ok so this one is a bit personal because its the app that connects to my DSLR camera through WiFi. All I have to do is turn my camera’s WiFi on and connect my phone to it, then open up this app and I can look at all of the photos on my camera and download them to my phone. It’s great because if I’m out shooting, I can easily grab one of those pictures and put it on the Gram almost instantly.

And with photo editing apps, it can be done in 10 minutes. One of the main reasons I bought this camera is for this capability. I figured it would come in handy, and I can tell you that it most definitely has.


With the fact that I have a full time job 40 hours of the week, I don’t have the time to sit on my Macbook at home and go through the photos to edit on my computer in the early ass morning. So a lot of the time, I will download them to my phone and edit them when I do have the time to put it up on Instagram or for a blog post. This app has saved me.


Obviously, I still use quite a few other apps, but these are the 10 favourites I have that help get me through my day. You may be wondering why I didn’t include apps like Facebook and Twitter. The main reason for that is because I could 100% do without those if I needed to. When it comes to social media, Instagram is my absolute favourite, as I’m sure you now know. The rest of these apps have saved me loads in a lot of different situations, or have just purely provided entertainment and knowledge when needed.

If nothing else, you can learn what I do on my phone when I’m not scrolling on the Gram. It’s probably one of these 🙂

Are there any special apps out there that you cannot live without? Comment below and let me know!

Much Love