London Cafes: Holy Shot

Finally! The long awaited blog post to the London Cafe Series. I hope you guys weren’t holding your breath.


As we all remember, the first place in the Cafe Series was from Paper & Cup which had some seriously yummy coffee.

I had seen millions of photos from Holy Shot so knew it would be the next one on my list. It was just a matter of getting there at that point.

On my girl’s day out last weekend, we made a pit stop at Holy Shot so I could get my regular – a Soya Americano. Mmmmmh.


Unfortunately, we went on a day that was a bajillion degrees out. And as I wanted to sit outside to get a good picture for the Gram, I was roasting. And the coffee wasn’t cooling down because the sun was just keeping it at the same temp.

I did however, smell the coffee, and it smelled nice. The entire shop smelled amazing. Their menu was vast and their prices were relatively good for a London coffee shop.


Not to mention, the decor was beautiful. Which is probably one of the main reasons it’s so Instagrammable.

As the guy brought me my coffee, he warned me that the type of Soya milk they use looks like it curdles when you pour it in the coffee. This made me very nervous to actually pour it in because I was scared it would ruin the look of it. And I managed to spill it all over the table. 😀


And it did look pretty rank, I’m not going to lie.

I would think that in the land of Instagram, finding a dairy free milk that doesn’t look disgustang would be a good idea. But I dunno, that’s just me.

Anyway, I’d definitely like to go back in the cooler temperatures and try a chai latte because those are my jam. But maybe with almond milk instead??

Quite honestly, it was pretty dumb to order hot coffee in bajillion degree temperatures when I was already sweating.

What was I thinking????


What are your favourite coffee shops in London? I want to try others! And I keep finding myself at Pret, because #organiccoffee

Much Love