8 Week Lifestyle and Fitness Challenge Progress

It’s so weird to think that 8 weeks ago I made the decision to start the lifestyle and fitness challenge.

The majority of these 8 weeks were difficult as we had lots of plans and places to go. We ate out often and my healthy eating was jeopardised. Some weeks were better than others. However, as this is a lifestyle challenge, it was a good test.

I was still meal prepping when I could and cooking us healthy dinners. Instead of the one cheat meal, it sometimes turned into 2 or 3 considering the hangovers needed greasy foods.

I’d say I maintained my weight the first 5 weeks.

However, the last few weeks our social life has finally come to a rest. Which if you can’t tell, I am so happy about. And this means that I can focus my time and energy on the foods I am eating and my exercising.


During week 7, I felt thinner. My stomach felt a lot less bloated, my legs felt smaller. You know that feeling. And with that, you gain confidence. So I decided to take my measurements and weight as it had been awhile. I had gone down a half an inch or a whole inch in some areas, and had lost a considerable amount of weight after jumping on the scale.

It’s clear I’ve been doing something right, so for that I am very proud of myself.

As far as the lifestyle part goes, I think I’ve got it down well. I’ve been doing this for months now and it has definitely turned into part of my everyday life – just choosing healthy foods.

Over the weekend, we went into a Mark’s and Spencer’s and D was saying “let’s treat ourselves.” And so we each walked around the aisles looking at everything on the shelves. I found myself looking for coconut yogurt, a Matcha Tea drink, a turmeric and cayenne shot and sushi.



My boyfriend said “let’s treat ourselves” and I walked around the most glorious grocery store looking for health food guys. And I was excited about it. I genuinely felt like that was a treat. And it was, and still is!

To be completely honest with you, we also picked up sausage rolls and cheese and onion rolls, so I’m not saying I didn’t cheat at all. But my mind was set on healthy treats.

This is exactly what I’ve been trying to accomplish for a long time now – naturally craving healthy foods. It’s a weird feeling but I am so happy about it. And also a bit confused… I feel like I don’t know who I am anymore haha

As far as the fitness challenge goes, I started off doing okay. I was a bit bored. I had just completed these workouts before and I decided to start them all over again which didn’t really excite me much as I had already done them too recently. The last two or three weeks, I’ve kind of lost my motivation for a strong workout. I’ve been lethargic and lazy when it comes to thinking about going to the gym or getting the exercise mat out.


However, with the fact that I’m due to start the Sweat It Reload ebook this week, I am extremely excited for that. There are all brand new workouts and moves so I think this will be exactly what I need to reignite my passion for fitness. I’m especially excited for the kickboxing days. I do love kickboxing as a workout.

Also, the Sarah’s Day x White Fox Boutique big restock was on 30 August and yes, I ordered quite a few new activewear pieces. And let me tell you, there is nothing that gets me more excited to work out than new and super cute clothes to wear outside or to the gym. I am seriously hoping it gets here quickly because I cannot wait to try them out.

I’ve only got 4 weeks until my holiday, so these next 4 weeks are where I get very serious about my nutrition and my workouts as I need to fit this bum into some bikinis and summer wear.


I’ve thought about taking a week break from this challenge while on holiday, but I don’t think I will. I’m going to bring a few pieces of activewear with me for when I have time or am in the mood. I know the resort has yoga sometimes as well, so if nothing else, I can try to do a bit of that. I’m not saying I’m going to be super healthy and strict on this holiday. I want to enjoy myself and take advantage of the all-inclusive food and alcohol. But I still want to move my body when I know it needs to move. This is a lifestyle challenge after all, and going away places is part of life.

If everything goes according to plan, I will finish the 16 week challenge right before my birthday week.

So, until then, my dear friends 🙂

Much Love