My August Favourites

I formally apologise for this post being so late. As it’s already mid-September I probably should have gotten this out there sooner. However, I had a bunch of other content I was really excited to share with you guys first so please forgive me.

I sat and thought about my favourite parts of August and have included them below. From food to shopping to being a housewife. It was a pretty good month!

If you want to see what my July Favourites were, click here. 



For some reason, I gotten myself into a pizza phase. I’ve generally not been the biggest fan of pizza, but found myself to be craving it for my cheat days. The Dominoes I order for the cheat days is astoundingly amazing. I nearly come close to eating the entire pizza to myself.

I had pizza about 3 or 4 times during the month of August. So I had to include it on this list. It’s just been hitting the spot lately. And now I really desperately want pizza again. LOOK HOW GOOD IT LOOKS.

Mastering the Flat Lay


I’ve been trying to get much better at taking flat lay photos. I see so many of them on Instagram and have never particularly had the eye for it.

I made it a goal of mine to get much better at it, and definitely think I’ve turned a corner in August as they’ve looked so much better than they have in the past.

It’s actually been a joy to do flat lays recently as I’ve been quite happy with how they’ve turned out!



Fall/Autumn is my shit. I come alive in Fall. From PSLs to oversized jumpers to hot drinks and boots, Fall makes me happy. And Fall/Autumn fashion is the best. The majority of my closet is dedicated to this season.

In August, all of the high street shops started marketing all their Autumn fashion trends and I have been falling in love. I’ve been obsessed over corduroy for years and I am so happy that is coming back this year.

I have gone on a bit of a shopping spree. From New Look everything to ASOS co-ord outfits and 3 pairs of new shoes, I’ve been in such a happy place guys.

And I can’t wait to find places to wear these outfits to. I am super looking forward to our holiday, but also not excited to have to get my summer stuff back out. I am in full Autumn mood now, guys.

My Plant Babies


Meet Darren.

We now have 14 plants in our 2 bedroom flat. To be fair, they’re all fairly small right now except the tree we’ve had from the very beginning. She’s been with us since we moved in.

But we got about 8 or 10 new ones in August as I fell in love with greenery and now it’s our mission not to let any of them die. Let’s hope we manage it.

I love our plant babies so much I’ve actually made a spreadsheet on Excel and written down their nicknames as well as their scientific names. And then also the best way to care for them and the benefits they bring the household. I have gone full on crazy plant lady guys.

Anyway, I’m thinking of doing a vlog or quick IGTV video to show you the ones we have and tell you the names we came up for them. Sound interesting or is that totally boring to you?

Home Decor


This was also included in my July Favourites post. And the reason I’m still loving it is because we got some new stuff to complete the living room! Not only did we get new plants, but we also got a rug, throw pillows and a big snuggly blanket from H&M Home and I’m obsessed.

I intially bought the stuff thinking we’d have a look and see if we liked it, and return anything we didn’t like. But we both really liked everything. And so we kept everything.

My bank account was not so enthused. But my heart was happy so whatever.

I’m still on a bit of a high about that one to be honest. Loving how complete the living room now looks!

We still need to get some posters to fill up a few blank walls in our bedroom and the spare bedroom. I have my eye on some from Desenio so maybe in the next few months, we can try and get some to complete the flat decorating.

Just in time for Christmas decorations to go up 😛

There is literally always something to spend money on, I swear. It’ll never stop.

A Plant Based Diet


Excuse the fact that this photo has writing all over it. It’s obviously from my Instagram stories but it was the only one I had!

And last but not least, I have been reading into the positive effects of a plant based diet. I’m not going completely paleo on you guys. I still love to eat meat and splurge every once in a while, but I am trying to make a conscious effort to incorporate more plant based foods into my diet and lifestyle.

My skin has completely cleared up since I started doing this and I’ve felt more energized. So yeah, I’d say it’s definitely working.

I have been loving how it makes me feel. And I’ve been trying to find easy and very tasty ways to get more vegetables in my diet as I’m not the biggest fan.

I will say I have been quite successful in this. I even found a kale salad that I devour every time I have it for lunch.

KALE SALAD, guys. I’m just casually eating the kale. That’s how good this salad is.

I’ve been enjoying the effects it has had on my diet and plan to continue learning more about nutrition and try more plant based recipes.

Essentially, August was good. But I am looking forward to sharing my September Favourites post with you as there will be a LOT more fun stuff to share!

Much Love