10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I always love reading these kinds of posts from other bloggers. It’s hard to truly get to know someone when they choose the topics to write and post about. You may get to see some quirks, even some flaws maybe, but you don’t know the little facts that make that person who they are when they’re reviewing a book or posting a recipe.

I want to know you guys on a more personal level. So I’m opening up the communication. I’m sharing 10 things today that you probably don’t know about me and I invite you to share something that I don’t know about you. Either write it in the comments below or on the Instagram post, I would love to get to know you guys.

So with that being said…. here are the 10 things:

I hated coffee up until 3 years ago. I couldn’t even stand the smell of coffee. I remember desperately wanting to try a pumpkin spice latte in college and having to give it to a friend as I couldn’t stand the coffee taste in it. Like whaaaat?? Once I started working, I began drinking mochas and slowly started drinking black coffee. Yes, now I can drink coffee black. It’s been a quick process. But I’m glad it’s happened as I love my cup of coffee in the morning.


I went through a “scene” stage in high school. #WannabeEmo No joke guys. I had the side swept bangs, I listened to the bands, I even had those tiny little bows I’d put in my hair. I genuinely thought that was who I’d be forever. I now realise it was the only way I knew how to rebel against all things preppy. I still love that skinny pants and black nail polish is a still a thing though.

I genuinely do love buying new things. To the people who say “money doesn’t buy happiness” I disagree. I love buying new clothes, items, and health foods. I like trying new things. I do find a lot of happiness from wearing new fashions and I don’t feel ashamed to admit that getting new things does make me happy. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that, as long as I can afford it and I don’t go into debt. So with that being said, I am now accepting donations…… 😛

I love to care for people or pets. I’ve always loved babysitting or playing with little kids. And same with little dogs and cats. I’ve loved having pets. Older humans don’t need to be taken care of but I still love being able to cook and bake for people and do little bits like that. It’s how I show I care for others, by food.

It bothers me when people judge me for enjoying unhealthy foods every once in awhile. Pet peeve high on the list. I do not like it when people tell me I don’t “need” to eat something. I spend the majority of my time planning, prepping, and eating extremely nutritious dense foods weekly. I take vitamins and supplements and I eat kale and vegetables and fruits galore. I am allowed to crave Taco Bell and yes sometimes my soul needs it. That is no one else’s concern. Just leave me to my chalupa and crunchwrap supreme mmmk??

The worst flaw in a person: being a liar and/or a cheater. I’ve heard enough stories this year to make me wonder if there are people out there who don’t lie and cheat. However, since I am one of them, I do have faith there are many others as well. I just can’t wrap my head around someone being able to cheat or help someone cheat on their partner. It makes me sick and it’s something that I feel so strongly about.

There is no greater feeling than getting lost in a good book. I’ve loved reading since I was a child and I think I love it even more now. Getting invested in a good book becomes such a beautiful escape from life. With the cooler temperatures rolling in, it’s reminded me of how much I missed reading. Finally, I have finished a book I started months ago and plan to read a lot more this Autumn and Winter. Less time watching TV and more time reading good books!


I love when people go out of their way to surprise me. Unpopular opinion. Most people I know hate surprises. However, I think it’s one of the sweetest things someone could do for you – spend their time planning to make you happy. I love planning surprises for people and I think it’s really sweet when people plan surprises for me as well.

I’m a water snob. Yes, I know. My parents installed a reverse osmosis tap in the house and that was the end of it for me. Purified water only please. I’ve been a big water drinker for years now. I always always have a glass, cup or bottle next to me, and when I don’t, I get a bit anxious. I genuinely like the taste of water. I’d be happy with water and red wine for the rest of my life. So I can tell when water isn’t purified or if it tastes off and I can be a bit snobby. Not to say I’ll deny your water, but I definitely won’t like it and often times will opt for a bottled water instead. Don’t take it personally.


It still amazes me how easy it was for D and I to fall in love. Every time I think back to when we first met and how things came together for us, I am amazed at how simple it all was. Both of us just knew when we met there was something you couldn’t deny, and we just fit together. Even with the fact he lived in the UK and I in the US. It’s true what everyone says – it happens when you least expect it. But that how we know it’s real.


Ok so some of you who are close to me may know a few of these things, I’m not going to lie. I’m pretty vocal about my love for water and shopping but I bet even people who are close to me may have learned something new today.

I can’t be sure, so you’ll have to tell me if you learned something new or not??? Comment below and let me know!

And before you go, share something interesting about you that I might not know!!


Much Love