10 Useful Travel and Packing Tips

Right so, I’m a planner and an organizer. I also make a shit ton of lists. Especially when packing for trips.

So when it comes to my holiday, I made sure to write down everything I needed to do. From cleaning the flat to preparing and making sure I bring everything I will need when we’re in Turkey. I hate forgetting things.

I thought I would share my traveling and packing tips so that you can be more organised next time you go on a trip.

Make Lists. Of anything and everything. I make lists of what I want/need to do with the flat before I go (cleaning, throwing food, making meals, close windows, etc.) I make a list of everything I want to pack and don’t cross it off until it’s laid out or in my suitcase. I write down when to charge things up for the plane or trip so I don’t forget. I literally write everything down so I’m all ready to go on the day.


Bring more underwear than you’ll need. Pro tip here guys. I bring two pairs of underwear per day because you never know what could happen or how many times you need to change that day and wearing dirty underwear is so gross. Don’t let it happen to you. Bring extras always.

Plan your carry on bag. I always try to pack my carry on very light because I hate lugging heavy bags around airports. I include necessary documents and money. And then I’ll have my iPad and headphones and some snacks. I always have snacks. And if you’re traveling somewhere where there will be a temperature change, you’ll need to include room for a sweatshirt or jacket at one point in the trip. I always layer up for planes because I get hot at the airport while walking around but always end up freezing in the planes while in the air.

Put lotions and sprays in plastic bags. I can’t tell you how many times my hairspray has exploded en route and made all my clothes sticky and smelly. I always put my lotions, oils, and sprays in plastic bags in the zipper section of my suitcase so if they do explode, it’s contained. It’s not a fun mess to clean up. And it’s the worst when it ruins your clothes or the shoes you wanted to wear.

Bring valuable items in the carry on. I will never check my laptop, DSLR camera, nice jewelry, or anything else expensive that could be damaged or lost. I always bring this in my carry on, or D’s, onto the plane with me. It keeps me from worrying.

Stay hydrated. Traveling takes a lot out of us. And being on planes is very dehydrating. I know it’s easy to forget, even I do and I’m constantly drinking water on the regular. One of the first things I do when I get through security is buy a big bottle of water and take it on the plane with me. Sure, this means I have to get up and pee often (sorry babes) but I always feel much better for it.


Buy activated charcoal to take for the flight. I don’t know about you, but I always end up bloated and gassy from long haul flights. The air circulation, the food, the lack of movement, the air pressure, and the fact that you have to hold all your farts in makes it harder. I heard this tip from a blogger I follow and tried it when I went to and from the States and it helped a lot. Not only did I not get too bloated or too gassy, but I didn’t feel sick after the flight. Even though this next flight is only a couple of hours, I still plan to take it to help with possible bloat. P.S. It dehydrates you so make sure you drink plenty of water with it!


Have your electronics fully charged. I mentioned this above as well. Guys this is important. There’s nothing worse than getting on the plane to notice your iPad is dead and you forgot to download a few episodes of your favourite show from Netflix. Do this all the day before your trip so you’re 100% ready. Not all plane seats have charging ports these days and the WiFi in airports is way too slow to download a few episodes quickly.


Bring your own shooters. You know those tiny bottles of alcohol? Bring those as part of your 500ml allowance if you’re not in first class or premium economy. That way, you can ask for soda or tonic in the airport and on the plane and you significantly reduce the amount of money you have to spend on alcohol. I learned this tip from traveling with my mom and dad. We’re a bunch of classy folk, guys.

Wear comfortable but nice clothes. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone traveling in pajama pants. Don’t be that person. Wear leggings, comfortable jeans, or even a nicer pair of jogging bottoms, but don’t wear pajama pants and look like you just rolled out of bed. I mean, have a bit more class than that guys. But definitely make sure you’re comfortable. I don’t understand the women who travel in heels or dresses. I don’t know what that’s about, but ya crazy!


Hope these tips help in one way or another. But most importantly, I hope you have the BEST time wherever you are going. Stay safe and have tons of fun. And remember to stay hydrated!

What is one thing you do every time you travel that you cannot live without??

Much Love