The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow For Body Confidence

I can’t tell you how many girls have told me that Instagram makes them feel bad about themselves, or they follow people who make them feel bad about themselves.

I stopped doing that long ago because what’s even the point??

I personally love my life. We may not have loads of money or thoroughly enjoy where we’re getting our sources of income, but eventually it will be worth it. I really do believe that. My life has changed enormously in the last two years and I know in two more years it’ll have changed even more. I’ve learned to give myself a reality check when I start to feel jealous of other people’s lives and remind myself that I am incredibly lucky to be where I am today.

Eventually, I started unfollowing the accounts that made me feel less than. I especially never follow accounts where I can tell things are photoshopped and unrealistic. I want to follow accounts that are real and raw. Yes, edited photos are not the devil by any means, but the people who are upfront about it and make sure you know that this is not their every day reality are the ones who you should be following.

So for all of my friends out there who feel like crap when they’re scrolling through Insta, or the ones who are always playing the compare game, I’ve put together some Instagram accounts you need to follow immediately. These women preach body positivity but are not perfect, as none of us are. But they show the world their imperfections. And every time I see a new post from Lyndi Cohen, I know it’s going to give me another little nudge that I need to be more confident in myself. Or girls like Jenna Kutcher and Louise from mybetter_self who show Instagram vs Reality pictures. It’s incredibly inspiring to me and I want you to feel inspired as well.

So go unfollow those accounts who show you fake photoshopped, posed, overedited photos that make you feel like you’ll never be enough. And instead, follow these women and read what they have to say. Listen to what they have to say. And start loving yourself and your body today.

Lyndi Cohen


I’ve put her first because even if you don’t want to follow the rest of these women, I beg you to follow her. She’s a nutrionist. And she is amazing. She eats healthy, works out, and enjoys life. She posts pictures of her cellulite. She posts pictures of her stomach rolls. She just recently did a social experiment asking people to photoshop a few of her photos. When they were sent back, people edited out her birthmark, made her look thinner, made her boobs and butt bigger. From that, she went on to talk about how we’ve been made to think that beautiful = slim. Society has somehow given all of us the impression that not ever having spots on our skin and having a tiny bone structure is the ideal version of beauty.

She posts real photos all the time. And every time I see one – a nutritionist who does everything she does to be healthy, who still has cellulite and stomach rolls – I start to accept myself more.

If there’s one change you make today, it’s giving this beautiful woman a follow.

Lee Hersh


I’ve talked about Lee before as she was included in my 9 Favourite Instagram Accounts post.

She had suffered with an Eating Disorder when she was younger and she openly talks about it on her Instagram and blog now. She is amazingly inspirational. She has a very big chest, which I suffered with a few years back so I can relate to not being able to find bras, bikinis, and dresses that fit, being uncomfortable, etc.

She’s also just this amazing boss babe. She started her food blog and it has turned into a media company of which she is now CEO. Her now fiance and her just got a house together. And their relationship is hilarious and very entertaining to watch on Instagram stories.

She and her girls that work with her show a lot of behind the scenes stuff that happens with running your own company and they keep it real and honest. They talk about anything and everything and you will eventually feel a strong connection with her if you choose to follow her.

Jenna Kutcher


She hit the media by storm when she posted a picture of her and her husband after being honest about a DM she got from someone claiming to be surprised she managed to find a man with a 6 pack. *insert eye roll*

Once I went to her profile, I fell in love. Her pictures are gorgeous. She was a wedding photographer which she has recently retired from. Her and her husband are expecting a baby now and she has shared a lot of their personal experiences with how hard it was to conceive.

She recently became an Aerie ambassador and was photographed in her underwear while she was pregnant. She preaches body confidence and self love and I personally find her so inspirational.

To be able to get nasty messages like she has and then broadcast them to the world is one of the most courageous things I can think of. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I got a message like that right now. I hope to be able to have that confidence and love for myself one day and I’ve learned a lot from her as I think you can too.

Beck Jackson


This girl is different from everyone else on this list because it’s like she’s inadvertently famous on social media.

She lives in Australia and has a bangin’ bod. She works a regular 9-5 job (which I’m pretty sure she likes and wants to keep). She’s on Instagram just being a normal person and have gained a ton of followers.

And she preaches body confidence all the time.

She shows before and after photos of herself looking hella fit and then just normal. She always talks about “just the eat the damn bowl of ice cream” kinda thing. And she’s very real despite the fact she may look out of this world unachievable kinda fit.

She works out a lot and eats healthy but lives and preaches a balanced life. I love how real and open she is about how her life is not nearly as glamorous as it looks on Instagram.



Another Aussie. And probably my favourite person on Instagram. I started watching her YouTube videos earlier this year and she has been the biggest source of inspiration for me. I use her smoothie recipes, I started taking better care of myself because of her, and I actually use her ebooks for my workouts almost daily.

She’s an incredibly positive and remarkable girl. She’s actually just a little bit younger than me and has accomplished so much in her professional and personal life.

I may not agree with 100% of the things she says, but her tag line “act confident and no one will question you” really has eeked its way into my life. And I try to live by that more and more as time goes on and I gain more confidence in myself.



I’ve recently really fallen in love with this chick. She’s one of those people who is very strongly who they are and completely unapologetic for it. Even over the internet, it’s a bit intimidating.

As I’ve started to watch her stories more, I’ve realised that she’s not really that scary after all. She recently wrote a wellness book that you definitely should try to read. It’s what convinced me on a few things. And one was to start dry brushing.

But she’s very confident in who she is and by watching her stories and reading her posts, you can’t help but feel inspired by it. People asked her how she felt comfortable working out in just a sports bra and she answered, “what? I just do it. who cares!” Or something on that level. And I loved that.



This girl and I go way back. She followed me a year or two ago and I followed her back and have loved her ever since. She posts a lot of food photos that show calories don’t matter and the difference between intuitive eating versus calorie counting.

She’s the one who initially got me thinking about intuitive eating versus calorie counting.

She also posts a lot of Instagram vs Reality photos that I wrote above in the intro. Or she’ll show how different she looks when she’s posed and trying hard versus being at a different angle.

Also, she’s French and adorable and the sweetest so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be following her.



Switching it up a bit as she’s a model, but wait, don’t go. She is basically the leader of the body love movement. This girl has big hips and is very curvy and she’s an Aerie model. She’s stunning and I don’t know her personally but I do know she must have the kindest heart.

Just take a look at her profile, I won’t need to convince you with many words on this one because she is making a lot of headway.

This is also why I love Aerie so much. I wish I could easily access their clothes in the UK because I would buy all my bras and underwear from there to show my support.

Chrissy Teigan


Yes, I know. Just hear me out.

Not only is Chrissy Teigan just hilarious to follow on any social media account, but the moment she posted a picture of her stretch marks on her inner thighs was the moment I gained the utmost respect for her.

When have you heard of a model putting up pictures of their stretch marks? Pretty much never.

And even now, she posts daily about her real life. And yes, a lot of it is definitely glamorous. But it’s also incredibly relatable at times.

Not to mention the fact that she loves food as much as me and eats all the time. That is something that you never see from someone who’s a celebrity and friends with the Kardashians.

I understand if you don’t go and immediately follow all of these people. Although, I would completely understand if you did do that. However, if you choose a few of these ladies, I think it would definitely suit you.

Especially if you play the comparison game and find it hard to not be jealous of everyone on social media, these ladies are inspiring and make an effort to show people their real and raw selves. I find that so respectful and love them all for it.

Tell me who is the most inspiring person to you? Whether it’s someone on Instagram, fictional character, or someone you know personally. Write in the comments below!

Much Love