Sentido Lykia Resort in Oludeniz, Turkey

Months and months ago, D and I decided we needed a holiday. A proper one. One where we could go away together to a place that only requires bathing suits and suntan lotion. We went to a travel agency and found a 5 star resort in Oludeniz Turkey for an insanely good price and booked a week’s trip there for the beginning of October.

To say I was excited was an understatement. I wanted this trip to be perfect. As it was our first official holiday together, it was special and I knew it’d be momentous. I also really wanted to use the opportunity to get some amazing photos for the blog, because, well, duh.


I spent the months leading up to the holiday eating extremely well, exercising frequently, purchasing new clothes, getting my hair done and my lashes done. I was going to get my nails done, but got too nervous and ended up just doing them myself, which worked out fine anyway. The week leading up to the holiday, I was the most neurotic I’ve ever been.

We got to the airport in plenty of time. Our flight was initially supposed to take off just after 6pm, but didn’t end up leaving until 8pm. When we got to the airport in Dalaman, we had to find a shuttle bus that would take us to our resort. We had to wait for all the other passengers to board and of course, we were the last stop. We didn’t get to our hotel until 4am local time. It was a long night of travel. But the moment we stepped into our hotel room, I relaxed. We were finally there, in paradise.

I’m not going to take you day by day because most of them were the same. I’d wake up first, make us coffee in our room, and go out onto the balcony to drink it and post that day’s Instagram post. D would wake up from me pottering around, or to the smell of the coffee I set down on the bedside table. Usually, he’d come out on the balcony to drink his coffee with me. Our balcony had a view of the main pool, and the sea in the distance. It was beautiful.


Unfortunately, the resort built a weird pyramid thing above the indoor pool which was right in front of our balcony so it did obstruct the view quite a bit. It was a bummer but eh, what can you do?

From there, we’d get our bathing suits on and then go to breakfast. I wasn’t hugely impressed with the breakfast but quickly fell into a routine. Some eggs, kiwi, and bread of some sort (usually this sesame seed bagel with melted cheese and tomato). Immediately, we’d head straight for the pool and to get our first set of drinks for the day.


The first day we did go adventuring around the resort. Sentido Lykia is an adult only resort, but right next door is the Liberty hotel which allows children. Those who stay at Sentido are allowed over to the Liberty side while the Liberty side people are not allowed to ours. The Sentido side has a big pool with two fun slides and then a beach with some lounges and cabanas to book if interested. It also has two pool bars with one being open at night time, and a beach bar. There is also a blue lagoon pool but it’s a bit away from everything and it’s silent. Not really for us as we like music and fun. So the Sentido side is smaller and much more calm and peaceful. It’s where a lot of the older people would hang out.

Over on the Liberty side, they have their main pool that has a lot of water games included. Obviously that’s where families would hang out as there are kids around often. They also have an infinity pool. However, when we went there were quite a few people there in a small space and it was really quiet. There is a lot of space on the beach with tons of lounges, but every time we went by it was quite full as well. The Liberty side was always much busier. They have football, beach volleyball, yoga, pilates, Zumba, and many more activities to take part in. It’s an all-inclusive resort so there’s always something to do.


There are a ton of different restaurants to choose from as well as the normal buffet dinners. There’s even a 24 hour bar if you need or want it. This place had everything.

We went on the off season when summer is coming to an end and the kids were back in school so it was much quieter than I expect it is during the summer. In a lot of ways, it was nice. It gave us the opportunity to not be too annoyed with people and have our own space. Although, when it’s quieter it can feel a bit boring.

Generally speaking, after breakfast we would find our usual spot down by the slides at the pool and sit there all day baking in the sun. D is a big reader on holiday and went through about 4 different books. I read a book but also laid there in silence or turned my music on. It was nice for me to just relax and not think. It was like meditating all day long. We tried our hardest not to get too sunburnt and we both managed quite well.


We’d eventually start to feel hungry around 1 or 2ish and would head up to lunch which was my favourite meal of the day because the buffet was spot on. If I’m being honest with you guys, I got chicken tenders and french fries every time and devoured the entire plate. They were so good. And it brought me right back to my childhood.


After lunch, we’d waddle back to our poolside lounges and sit there until the sun started to leave us at about 4 or 5pm. We’d go back to the room and shower up, and drink more until dinner was served at 7pm.

They had live music on the Sentido side from 9:30-11pm every night. From 10:30-12am there was a dance party thing on the Liberty side which we would usually venture over to. And then from 12-2am there’s a nightclub which we only went to twice. It wasn’t very good and the music was way too loud. Yes, I know I sound like a grandma.


It was one of the very few times I was able to let go and not care about having plans. The only thing that truly navigated us was food times. And it was wonderful you guys. When I’m home I am ruled by schedules and routines. And yes I will acknowledge I set them for myself. But it was nice to truly be carefree for a whole week.

The entire resort is located in the mountains on Oludeniz Beach and it’s truly a gorgeous place to be. I couldn’t even imagine waking up every morning and getting to look at those mountains and the beautiful water every day. It was breathtaking. And neither of us wanted to leave.


And what’s even more special is that we got engaged on the second day there right in between all those beautiful mountains. I knew this trip would be special, but after D got down on one knee, it became an absolute dream.


As I want to write an entire post about our engagement, I’m going to leave it there for now. Sometime next week, I’ll hopefully be able to share the story and some pictures. We were lucky enough that a couple saw the proposal and took pictures for us. And we’re even luckier that they’ve sent the photos to a friend of theirs who’s a photographer to see if they can make some edits. So once I get those back, I will share the blog post and the story with you all.

This holiday was magical. We were able to have a massive reset which we both desperately needed. We got some much needed sun as well. I am loving my tan and really don’t want it to fade. I definitely gained some weight with the amount of food I ate while there but YOLO people. And this holiday brought both D and I closer together. Not only because of the fact that we’re now engaged which has been life changing. But also because going on holiday with a person changes your relationship. And it was amazing. I already can’t wait until we get a chance to book another one. Love the fact that he’s my forever holiday person 🙂

Much Love