Holiday Wellness Struggles

Ah, man.

I haven’t truly realised how far I’ve come on my wellness journey until I was on holiday.

I had been quite strict with myself the months leading up to our vacation when it came to exercise and diet. In the 3 weeks before, I was eating about 40-50g of fiber a day to flatten my stomach. And it definitely worked. I felt better than I had in a really long time. I noticed my clothes were more loose, and I went down a size. I was really proud of where I was at.

When I was on holiday, I splurged a lot. I ate a relatively healthy breakfast. I always made sure to have some kiwi and eggs. But I also always had bread. And I managed to eat chicken tenders and fries every day for lunch followed by a lovely portion of baklava.


You guys, I was on vacation. I enjoyed the buffet and ate what I wanted.

However, after the first 4 days, I started to get very bloated. And I knew I needed to fuel my body with something more than carbs and fried foods. I had to start making a point to eat some vegetables with my meals.

This trip made me notice how much food affects my body and energy levels. Maybe it has to do with my age. But one thing I know is that my body can handle a lot less now. I also think I noticed this more because I’ve been a lot more aware of my body as I try to listen to what it tells me.

Refined sugar affects me very badly. Not only do I breakout, but I get extremely lethargic and moody. And my gut gets very angry.


And gluten? Oh man. It really bloats me. But I love gluten. I love pastas and breads more than anything. I could live in a frier because fried foods are the best foods. But…. the bloat. In small amounts, I’m generally okay. But once I eat it every day for lunch, it adds up. And by the 4th or 5th day, we were both starting to feel the effects.

We’re not totally back to normal. D made his Famous Spag Bol and I’ve made my Famous Cottage Pie. We are eating homemade foods and not drinking alcohol all day, but I’m not nearly as strict as I was before we left for holiday.

The week we got back, we both felt lazy and tired. We took it easy and just continued to live in the moment. However, I’m not feeling my best and I know why that is. Therefore, I’ve decided that this next week, I’ll be getting back to my workouts and plan to get back to more normal healthy eating habits going forward. Mainly now, because it makes me feel better.


Although, I have decided that for the next two months, as we enjoy our engagement, my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, I will try my best to eat well in general. However, I am going to be much more relaxed and lot less neurotic about food and welcome holiday treats and comfort foods when needed or warranted. Because this time of year is my absolute favourite and I don’t want to miss out or put too much pressure on myself to make healthy choices 100% of the time.

And once January rolls around, I plan to get my ass into gear in regards to both workouts and diet. I’d like to get my goal body by the time I start trying on wedding dresses. And yes, I have a lot of time for that, but this will give me enough time to learn how to maintain my goal body in time for the wedding.

I really was impressed at how tuned into my body I was while on holiday. And it’s made me realise that next time we go away somewhere, I do need to be a bit more careful. I obviously can no longer eat like I did when I was 15. And quite honestly, I want to include fruits and vegetables in my daily life. I truly feel so much better when I do and I think it’d make the holiday a whole lot more enjoyable if you’re feeling your best.


Side note: Don’t get me wrong. We weren’t constantly holding our tummies or laying on the bed in agony. We were up moving around and drinking pretty much all day every day. I just knew that my body wasn’t performing at its best and knew exactly why that was. And I wanted to share this with you guys in case any of you have gone through this as well. And I want to make sure I remember this for the next holiday as well.

Have you experienced something like this on holiday? Comment below and share your thoughts and experiences with me! Would love to hear from you.

Much Love