Our Engagement Story

Let me just start off by saying that this is a personal story to us. I am sharing it with you because writing is one of my favourite ways to capture memories. And because there’s no point to happiness if you can’t share it with the ones you love. But I do ask that you please respect us and our relationship as it is ours and only ours.

From the beginning we didn’t participate in the annoying dating “rules.” I hated them and D hated them and so we did our own thing and it worked for us. We were 3,000 miles away from each other for the entire first year of our relationship. Before I moved to the UK, of course we talked about marriage. I wasn’t about to move half way across the world for a guy who I didn’t see a future with.


We’ve lived together for a little over a year now. It took a lot of time for me to get used to living in a new country, getting a new job, living with my then boyfriend. It was a scary time. And it was hard on both of us. In one year, our lives had completely changed in so many ways. We both felt a lot of pressure. Eventually, we got used to living together and sharing our lives together, and actually really loved it. Imagine that!

Every time we went somewhere, we were questioned by people,

“When are you two getting married??”

“When are you proposing??”

“Where will the wedding be??”

It seemed like everyone was invested in our relationship. And everyone had an opinion, and made it known to us. Which of course, added even more pressure.

Obviously, we talked about it ourselves. We don’t have a whole lot of money. It cost a lot for us to travel to see each other when we were long distance. It cost a lot for me to move to the UK. It’s cost us both a lot to get a flat in London and furnish it. And then we’ve also had to pay hefty airline prices to go back to the States for visits. And it costs a lot to buy an engagement ring and throw a wedding and save some money for our life after the wedding.

However, we both wanted to get engaged soon. That much was clear. And I had a strong feeling it would happen on holiday.


What I didn’t know is that he had been planning it since July. He had researched jewelers and started looking at rings. He kind of knew what I wanted, but I always told him to ask my best friend when it came to the details, or if he had any questions. And so he did. And from what I understand, she was a massive help.

On a day out with that same best friend, D went into London to buy the ring. He designed it himself and placed the order and then had to quickly get back before I knew he was gone. He didn’t know exactly when it would arrive, but was hoping it was before we went on holiday.

Literally the day before we left it was due to arrive at our flat. But as we drive to work together, he had to come up with a way not to make me suspicious. He dropped me off at work and came back to the flat to wait for the ring. He sent photos to his sisters, mum and dad. And then he called both my mom and dad to ask for my hand.

Two days later we were in Turkey and he suggested we take pictures on the pier at sunset. So after hanging out at the pool all day, we showered and got ready. I put on a cute new floral dress I bought for the holiday, and we headed out to the pier. Of course there were people on it and so we had to wait for them to get off…. for the “pictures.” D was definitely getting annoyed. He was nervous, and I’m sure he just wanted to pop the question so he could stop worrying about it.

Long story short, we were on the edge of the pier trying to get some photos of us against the sunset. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said “OF COURSE” and made him put the ring on my finger. I can’t remember ever being that excited or happy.


We immediately called my mom and dad, who were apparently awaiting our call to share the good news. We called my best friend, and D’s mum. We sent out our texts and shared the news on Facebook.

And then we got drunk and danced the night away.

I spent the rest of the holiday staring at the ring. I took a million ring selfies and have not stopped, honestly. It is so beautiful. It’s exactly what I wanted and it never stops sparkling. He did an amazing job. Is it bad that I love him even more for all the effort he put in in finding the perfect ring for me?


I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to start wedding planning the day after, but I knew I should relax and enjoy the holiday before jumping right into the chaos.

But the best part about all of this is how our relationship has changed. That day he proposed to me, our relationship became stronger. I don’t really know how to describe it, and I wonder if something similar happened to any of you? But it has been an amazing time for us and I am loving this engagement period.

We decided not to have a formal engagement party as it would cost a lot and would be too difficult to get both of our families together. Instead, I’ve arranged for some of our closest friends to come out for a meal in London this weekend. And then we’ll go out for drinks afterwards and celebrate. It’s going to be low key and relaxed and it’s actually going to be quite perfect.

That’s all we want out of the wedding as well. We don’t want to spend too much money, as it’s only one day. We want it to be beautiful, classy, and special. But we also want to have the honeymoon of our dreams and to buy a house someday. There’s a lot to look forward to after the wedding day as well.


We are planning for the wedding to take place in October 2020. However, I have yet to announce where it will be. As everyone is interested and has been asking, I’ve decided to announce the location on Sunday. So if you’re not already, make sure you are following me on Instagram and on Facebook. That way you will be the first to know on Sunday morning when I make the announcement. 🙂

In the meantime, if you fancy a guess, please be sure to leave it below. US or UK wedding?

Much Love