Brunchin’ at Dalloway Terrace

I’ve seen this place all over Instagram and fell in love because it was one of the only places in London that decorated their foliage with Autumn leaves instead of flowers. And you all know how much I love Autumn.


My best friend and I both have birthdays in November and wanted a day to celebrate together. I suggested this place for brunch as I knew how picturesque it would be. It’d be great for the blog and a super cute place for us to start our birthday celebrations.

However, what I didn’t know is when they’d change their foliage! They changed it to their winter decor just a week before we visited. So there goes my Autumn plans! I knew I was too late to the party…

Oh well.

At this point, I need to accept that London wants to celebrate Christmas and winter. I’m trying to hold on to Autumn as the weather isn’t that cold yet and there’s still pretty leaves, but London is definitely fighting me on this.

I will admit, the winter foliage was still extremely pretty.


It was hard to find this place as it only exists on the terrace of the Bloomsbury hotel, something I never read anywhere when making the booking. Although I did just look up the website and it doesn’t explicitly say it’s part of the Bloomsbury, but it does have it listed on the address. So maybe it’s my fault for being an idiot? I did find it, however, and got seated by the flower wall as I requested in my booking. Because photos, duh.

They asked if I wanted a coffee and I obviously said yes and sat down and waited for my friend.


Once she arrived, we started to look over the menu. I decided on avocado toast with poached eggs. It’s been a long time since I’ve had my avocado toast and it’s one of my favourite brunch items. She got the eggs royale which you couldn’t ever go wrong with. I mean it’s smoked salmon.


As you’re sitting on a terrace, they offer blankets and hot water bottles if you get cold which is such a cute idea. It’s a perfect idea for when it’s dead in the middle of winter and all you want to do is snuggle up. It’s too bad they didn’t have a fireplace otherwise it would be so perfect.


When I was finished with my meal, I got the blanket out and put it over my legs and snuggled up while I finished my coffee.


So I’ll be honest here. This place was beautiful inside. The decor was top notch. It was every Instagrammer’s dream – from the flower wall, to the marble tables, the blankets, and cute plates and mugs. It would be impossible to take bad pictures in there. However, that is the only allure this place has.

The food was average and insanely overpriced. I was charged £14.50 for avocado toast with poached eggs. I could make at least 10 of those at home for that price. I was also charged £4.50 for an “Americano” when they came over and asked if I wanted coffee when I sat down. I’m sorry but four pounds for an Americano?? I could go to Starbucks and get 3 Americanos for that price. Starbucks, guys. The famously expensive coffee shop.


I was also not too impressed with the service considering the fact we were spending a ridiculous amount of money and the fact this place attracts bloggers and Instagrammers like a dead body attracts flies. We were ignored most of the time. We had been sitting there with empty plates for 20 minutes and still no one came over to fill up our water glasses or ask to get us anything else, or even ask if we wanted the bill. I understand that the service in the UK is very different from the US, but this was bad even for UK standards, especially when your money is paying for their decor over the food.


I was a little disappointed. I expected this place to be much more prestigious than it was, especially considering what we were paying. I’m not saying it wasn’t worth it though. We took a ton of pictures and had a good time because we always do together, but it’s very clear that this place exists only for Instagram.


I decided from the beginning when I started this blog that I wanted to be real and raw with you guys, and yes that includes telling you that the Insta-famous Dalloway Terrace is not that great. I’m glad I went and experienced it, but I think in the future I’d rather spend my money on a place that has more than just pretty scenery.


Although, it does look pretty good doesn’t it…? 😛

Much Love