Lash Lift vs Extensions

This is it guys. I’ve decided to try out a lash lift and tint instead of doing the extensions all the time.

Lash extensions can get expensive. Definitely not as expensive as they are in the States, but they still cost quite a bit, and they are a lot of upkeep. Because my natural lashes are relatively long in nature. I thought I would try out the new lash lift and tint to see how I like that versus the extensions. It lasts longer so it’s much more cost effective, and it would mean I didn’t have to be so careful around my eyes like I have to do with the extensions.

I booked an appointment with the girl who usually does the extensions. It’s an hour long appointment and the only reason for that is because of the waiting time between steps. I’m not entirely sure what the exact steps are, but there’s a few and each one you have to wait an average of 10 minutes. It wasn’t that bad. Some of the solution smelled a bit funky, and my eyes felt weird as they were pinned back, but all in all, it was quite mundane.

I meant to get before pictures, but was busy scrambling making dinner right before she showed up so it completely escaped my mind.

However, I have found an old before photo from my lash extensions post.


With mascara and curled lashes


And here is the real after photo of the lash lift and tint with less clumpy mascara LOL


For comparison, here is a photo of me with my lash extensions, sorry I have a face mask on….


Ok so now it’s time for my opinion, which is why I assume you’re reading this post. At first, I did not like them. Because the first day they’re done, the lashes are bent so much that they touched my eyelids and I was really annoyed by this. Eventually, they do fall so it’s much more comfortable. Obviously, in the photo my lashes look extremely long and because of that, it does widen my eyes which I do like a lot.

As far at the tinting aspect goes, I don’t really see a point in that. If I had naturally thick lashes, I think it would be much more beneficial. But considering my lashes are rather fine, it doesn’t make too much of a difference.

Now that I’ve had them lifted for almost an entire week, I don’t think I will get it done again. I think if I’m going to spend the money and time on my lashes, I would prefer to get the extensions. It also makes it even harder to put mascara on because now that they’re lifted, I almost always get it all over my eyelids.

I don’t hate how they look, but I’m also not entirely enthralled by it like I am with the extensions. As I have a really nice pair of the glue on false lashes, I’ll just use those for a night out or photo ops from now on and save my money a bit.

But when I do have a special event, or feel like splashing out a bit, I think I’ll go for the extensions in the future. I am glad I tried this out because now I have a better idea of what I like and what I’m willing to spend my money on.

Have you guys gotten a lash lift and/or tint before? What did you think of the results?

Much Love