What to Expect from KbC in 2019

This last year has been an incredible time for KbC (Knackered by Chaos). I can see how much the blog has grown and I have a lot of hope for what it will look like this time next year.

In the last couple of months, I’ve taken a much more professional and business-like approach to the blog. I have sat down and analysed the blog’s progress over 2018 in every aspect. I’ve decided to show you what you should expect from Knackered by Chaos this next year so you know what you’re getting into here!

My main goal is to develop a real community through the blog and on social media by staying true to myself and my brand. I want to help inspire others by talking all things wellness. I want to share healthy and tasty recipes because food is meant to be enjoyed and make you feel your best. I want to offer recommendations for places I’ve been and products I’ve tried and loved. I want to share my wedding planning process in the hopes I can help someone in the future with their wedding plans.

I wanted to be transparent with you about the kinds of changes I plan to make this year. I put together this list so you know exactly what to expect from me and the blog this year. I hope you like what you see and you plan to stick around to watch it all unfold 🙂

A Better Blogging Schedule

yearly planner flat lay schedule

I started off posting three new blog posts a week but really struggled to keep up with that schedule as I am not yet a full time blogger. Therefore, I now try to aim for two new blog posts a week, one on Monday and one on Friday. It’s been a much more maintainable schedule and I plan to take that with me throughout 2019.

I tend to do a mix of the topics I blog about but in 2019, I really want to start putting a heavier focus on all things wellness. Of course, I will still include lifestyle posts and wedding planning updates, but I want my main focus to be on health and wellness.

More Giveaways

I hosted two Instagram giveaways this year and they both went so well that I wanted to do more. I love being able to give you guys something you’ll enjoy so I want to keep doing that throughout 2019.

Reveal Wedding Details

Just a few weeks ago, we finally booked our wedding venue and I wrote a post about it here. I loved being able to share that news with you guys and I got a lot of positive feedback from that blog post.

I want to be very open about the process as well as I know it can be an incredibly stressful time so I plan to be completely honest with how I deal with any problems that arise.

Sharing My Weight Loss Journey

Last year, I really got to know myself well while I began my wellness journey. I realised how much I loved taking care of my body. I learned all about balance and figured out what my body thrived on. I even began a new workout regime and became more fit than I’ve been in a long time.

This year, I want to take you guys with me. I plan to be very open and honest about my day to day life when it comes to workouts and food. I want to share my cheat meals and my emotions through all of this. It’s going to be a big year for me, I can feel it. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about this journey, look out for my healthy habits blog post that will be published the first week of January in 2019. I’ll go way more in depth over all of this so if you want to join me, we can do this together.

More Brand Collaborations

best of loccitane gift set

As you may be aware, KbC had its first brand collaboration in 2018 with L’Occitane, and I’m still in a bit of shock over that. I cannot believe a big skincare brand was interested in partnering with me. 

With that being said, I want to bring many more brand collaborations to the blog in 2019. I’ve started some research and developed a plan to make this come to reality. There are so many companies I would truly love to work with and I’m so excited to see where it could lead.

Growing My Email List

yearly planner flat lay master plan

This is a big one. As all of you have come to my blog page today, you may have seen a little pop-up as soon as it loaded. That pop-up form collects email addresses so you can be notified of new blog posts, my new monthly newsletter which I’ve put in place just this week, and any other celebrations. It’s a great way to stay in touch and keep up with all of the little things happening over here. I’d really appreciate it if you joined the list.

I have a lot of extremely good ideas for you guys that I will be sending out just to those who have subscribed to my email list. So if you don’t want to miss out on freebies and newsletters, click here to subscribe! 🙂

Taking a YouTube Break

In 2018, I set up a YouTube channel and put out a couple of vlogs. As much as I enjoyed shooting and editing those, they were also very time consuming. Therefore, I’ve made the decision to put the vlogging on hold for now. I do have some ideas to start shooting more IGTV videos so you’ll be able to find some mini vlogs on there until I have more time to devote to YouTube.

Creating Some Special Projects

While I was trying to think of what I can do to make this blog even better in 2019, a few ideas popped into my head. I’ve got two special projects I want to start working on in the new year that I am really excited to get out to you guys. Again, make sure you’re subscribed to my email list! 🙂

Attend More Blogger Events

I live in London which is where a very large majority of bloggers live, and yet I haven’t met any others yet. Which really is a shame. I should be taking much more advantage of where I live right now as this won’t be a forever thing.

It’s a goal of mine to get myself out of my comfort zone and start attending some events so that I can meet more people. Whether its networking for business reasons, or just to make some friends in the same industry, I really want to get myself out there.

Taking Time for Professional Development

yearly planner flat lay

And last but certainly not least, I have a lot to learn. To be honest, I probably won’t ever stop learning. I have a thirst for knowledge… bahaha

I’ve signed up for an Adobe Lightroom course to become better at editing photos. I want to practice my photography and learn a lot more about the DSLR camera I have, but don’t take advantage of. I want to create more valuable content for you guys and figure out the best way to market myself on social media. I really need to figure out this SEO thing, and many many other things that go into building an online business.

The learning never stops. And this year I plan to do everything I can to make this blog a success.

Thankfully, I have a week and a half off of work (starting today) for the Christmas and New Year period so I plan to take a day or two for blog work. However, I also want to make sure I take enough time to rest and relax. A staycation actually sounds glorious. And I want to take advantage of my free time to play around in the kitchen (look out for all that on my IG stories).

2019 is going to be a very busy year. Not only do I already have a full time job, but I also have to plan our wedding on the side, and devote a lot more time and effort to this blog. But you know what they say – hard work pays off – so I’m ready to get to work!

Do you have any tips for me as I begin 2019 with a very heavy workload? Share them below!

Much Love


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