My December Favourites

As I’m thinking of switching things around a bit, this may be one of the last monthly favourites blog posts. But don’t worry, I’m not getting rid of it altogether, but just may be putting it somewhere else. All I can say is, make sure you’re subscribed to my email list if you enjoy reading these… 🙂

December has been wonderful, as it usually is. The last two months of the year are my favourite. With my birthday, Thanksgiving and then Christmas, there’s just a lot to celebrate and lots of yummy foods and drinks and spending time with the people I love.

Read below for all of my absolute favourites for December 2018…

Thanksgiving in the UK

Thanksgiving is supposed to be in November, but I pushed it back a weekend so that my good friends could make it on the same day. I’ve written a whole blog post about this here so you can read all about it and see all the food I made which was so yummy.

Booking the Wedding Venue

I’ve actually written an entire blog post about this too so you guys can read all about the details here. We’re both so excited to officially have our date booked. Now we just really need to put in a lot more effort into saving our money versus spending it all because weddings ain’t cheap.

Getting Back into Shape

After two long months of skipping the workouts, I made myself do the first workout in Sarah’s Day’s ebook and smashed it. It was definitely really difficult and my legs were sore for three days afterwards, but it felt so good to finally exert my body. 

As the end of December is definitely dedicated to eating lots of treats and drinking lots of alcohol, I’m not totally back in the game. However, I’ve been thinking really hard about how I want my lifestyle to be come the new year. And I’m actually really excited to get back into my healthy habits and workouts, and leaving all the refined sugar in 2018.

Christmas Day Out in London

And yes, I’ve written a blog post specifically for this as well which you can find right here. But in the blog post I didn’t talk about how much fun we had on our day out. It was just D and I walking around London taking pictures and making some pit stops at a few bars and pubs. We ended the day at Winter Wonderland and had so much fun drinking, going on the rides, and hiding from the rain. Argh, I just love London so much, especially at Christmas time.

Using My New 2019 Planner

At the beginning of December, I started shopping for a new planner, as I do every year. I make lists every single day and need to get a planner that has a lot of space for that. I found this one on Etsy UK here. It was expensive, I’m not going to lie, but it has everything. The front has all these amazing spots to write down your goals, manage your finances, and even has some inspirational quotes scattered throughout. Every day there’s a spot to write your mantra, your top priorities, your schedule, your daily goals for your business, home and family, health and fitness, and anything personal.

Since I have a full time job, run this blog full time, am planning a wedding, trying to lose weight and get into shape, trying to keep the house manageable, and have to keep up with my social calendar, I am a busy busy girl. And when I saw this planner, I knew it would be the most perfect tool to keep all of my chaotic life events in one place and organised.

If you live in the UK and are an organising freak like me, consider getting yourself one of these. It’s beautiful. And I am weirdly excited to get to open this every day.

Baking Christmas Cookies

Every year I bake Christmas cookies and this year was definitely no exception. If you want my gingerbread cookie recipe, click here. I wrote a whole blog post about how to make them. And I also found the softest, most flavourful sugar cookies in the world with this recipe here.

And I love making them. Putting on a bit of Christmas music, throwing my apron on, and get to baking and icing. I remember doing this with my mom every year and can’t wait for the time I get to do this with my kiddos in the future.

Christmas Break

With the company D and I work for, we get a week and a half off at Christmas time. And since we went to Wales for Christmas Eve and Day, we made our way back to London on Boxing Day and have 5 full days in our flat to do whatever we fancy before our close friends come over for NYE.

All in all, it’s going to be full of relaxing and just doing whatever we want. I haven’t had time to live like that in years. I always had plans or something I needed to do. It’s actually quite calming and the least stressed I have ever felt.

This December has felt very different to other Decembers in all honesty. I’ve felt a lot more relaxed and calm than usual. It’s been quite the year for the two of us and I’m glad we are able to take some much needed time to rest and relax before beginning 2019 because I know 2019 is going to be quite the hectic one.

Much Love


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