The Best Inspirational Quotes You Need to Hear Today

I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for quotes. Back in the MySpace days, I would find my favourite lyric and put it in my About section with the squiggly lines and stars *~* <– as such – hahaha

And I still love a good quote. These days, I see the best ones on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and sometimes even Facebook. But usually Facebook is full of moms wondering what time is best for their child’s second nap of the day or finding out who got engaged recently.

I decided to round up a few of my favourite inspirational quotes that I have gathered over the years and put a little graphic together. All photos are my own. However, the quotes are not. I will make sure I credit the source when it is known.

Whether you’re in need of inspiration, love a good quote read, or you’re just taking a break from your work day, here’s a list of some of my favourite quotes and why.


We’re always so worried about what others may think of us that we sometimes won’t voice our opinions or will put off launching our business. In order to take that risk and do something important, we’ve got to let go of that fear and just do it. Like Nike says.

It took me a long time to understand this quote because it is good to have dreams. Dreams are what get us to strive for more than the status quo. But what Dumbledore is trying to say is that you can’t live on fantasy land all the time. It’s like when people say that they’ll do the the thing once they’re finally skinny. Life will pass you by, you need to take advantage of what you have right in front of you.

Pretty simple really. This is all about your attitude towards life. If you’re going to be negative and cynical about everything, then yeah everything is going to suck. But when you start approaching your every daily with positivity, things just *magically* seem to get better.

When I first read this one, someone close to me was being treated like crap and I felt it. It’s about respecting yourself so much that you don’t settle, that you make sure your friends and family respect you the same exact amount. It’s about knowing your worth and demanding the people close to you respect it.

People and Relationships

Actions speak louder than words. People talk themselves up, they talk themselves down, they say things when they’re angry. But the way you’ll always know what they’re about is in their actions. Start paying attention.

The people we care about will effect our feelings the most, because we care what they think. But if there’s someone in your life who does nothing but hurt you over and over again, well then maybe you should let that person go. Toxic people, be GONE.


Oh god so true. Love over everything.

When cheaters try to justify their cheating. Nope. As soon as I fell in love with D, I haven’t had even the slightest interest in another man. When you’re in love with someone, the thought of anyone else just doesn’t enter your mind. I truly believe that.

Another Dumbledore special. This is, of course, dependent on what you believe after death. I believe it’s peace, it’s nothing. Therefore don’t pity the people who have died, pity the people they leave behind and especially the ones who have no love in their hearts.


Women Empowerment


I asked you guys on Instagram to provide me with your favourite quotes, and this is my favourite one I received.

Hope you got some inspiration from any one of these. Honestly, I could provide you with a hundred different quotes, but I’m sure that would be incredibly tiring to read. And I don’t really want to make many more of these moody graphics.

If you weren’t able to share your favourite inspirational quote with me on Instagram the other day, please share it in the comments below!

Much Love


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