The Best Vegan Mac and Cheese

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Do not worry you precious lovely people. I am not going vegan. I am not going vegetarian. I did however put “eat more plant based meals” as part of my resolutions to get me to eat healthier. And Vegan Mac and Cheese is definitely much healthier than regular Mac and Cheese because of the lack of cheese. Duh.

I made a Vegan Mac and Cheese recipe quite a few months ago and D and I weren’t really about it. It just kind of fell flat.

I saw this Fit Foodie Finds recipe on Instagram and had been craving Mac and Cheese so I figured I’d try it out. Man, am I glad I did that because it was insane. Even D was raving about it, and he gets really weird if I tell him I’m making something vegan or vegetarian as he instantly thinks that means it’s going to be terrible.

Ok so if you’re going in thinking its going to be super rich and cheesy, it’s not. It is, however, very creamy and has a cheesy taste to it from the nutritional yeast. I actually added a bit more seasoning to the pot when I made it that I think made all the difference.

So if you’re interested in trying a much healthier Mac and Cheese recipe that has healthy fats, lots of protein, is dairy free, and even tons of fiber with a great flavour, then look no further. The Fit Foodie Finds team conquered it. And I added something a little special that really does just take it that extra mile.

The best thing about this recipe is how simple it is. Click here to go to the Fit Foodie Finds website and have a look at the actual recipe.

The first thing you do is get your raw cashews out and soak them in boiling water for 15 minutes. I literally just pour boiling water from the kettle onto a bowl of cashews and that does the trick.

While you are waiting, boil your pasta. This is where you can make this even healthier by using chickpea pasta, or even lentil pasta. Basically, use your favourite pasta. The choice is yours. I personally use chickpea pasta by Root One. I buy it in bulk on Amazon, and it’s the best chickpea pasta I’ve found in the UK by far. In the States, I would highly recommend Banza. Ain’t nothing better.

Once your 15 minutes are up, strain the water out and dump the cashews into your blender or food processor. Add the other 6 ingredients, including (dun dun dunnnn) paprika. I added 1 tsp and it does make a huge difference, I promise. I also doubled the amount of Frank’s hot sauce to 2 tsp and included a heaping 1/4 c of nutritional yeast as well. You could also add some red chili flakes if you want a bit of a kick, but be careful with the amount. I’d start off with 1/4 tsp and add more if it’s not spicy enough once you mix it in.

GUYS. This tastes exactly like the homemade Mac and Cheese my mom makes for us for special events that is loaded with cheeses, flour, and all this other junk.

This is quickly becoming one of my favourite recipes. The more I make it and play with it, the more I love it.

Once your pasta is al dente, strain the water out.

*TIP* leave a little bit of the pasta water in the sauce pan to make the sauce even creamier. I do this with all of my pastas.

Pour the cashew sauce on top of the pasta, mix, and you are literally done. I’d taste it and add more salt and pepper if you’d like as well.

I usually make this as a side to our dinner and serve with chicken breast and a side of vegetables.

I actually bought a rotisserie chicken as the main for us one time and I would highly suggest that, because who doesn’t love a rotisserie chicken?

However, this could definitely be your main dish if you wanted it to, especially if you’re using a high protein pasta, and it only takes like 20 minutes to complete. The most simple and healthy and tasty meal.

If you guys try this out, let me know how it is. And of course, let the Fit Foodie Finds team know how you liked it considering it is their recipe. I very rarely make up my own. But I want to hear your thoughts if you like it and if you want me to do more posts like these!

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