How to Motivate Others to Care About Their Health

This is a really hard topic to give advice on because people can be very sensitive when it comes to their health and don’t want to be told what to do or how to live their life. And honestly, you really shouldn’t be telling people what to do and how to live their life. There’s a fine line and you need to be careful with how you approach something like this.

However I still think it’s an important topic because I care so much about my friends and family and I want the best for them. I want them to value their health and I want them to take care of themselves so they can live a long and healthy life. And I understand that a lot of you may be faced with similar issues.

But what we all must understand is that it’s not fair to judge others or push your beliefs onto them. And absolutely no one reacts well to that, even if it is coming from a place of love.

And I also want to make sure I note that I am not the healthiest person on the planet. I try to make healthy food choices throughout the day and I indulge on occasion – believe me. But generally speaking, I care about my health, what I put in my body, and I try to do the best I can.

This is why I’ve decided to compile some tips to help you out if you have any loved ones in your life who may not be making the most healthy choices. In the end, they’ll probably do what they want. But you can use some of these ideas to inspire them and show them how to live a healthy life.

Cook or Bake for Them

My very own healthy spaghetti bolognese on spiralised zucchini (or courgette) – SO YUM

I find this to be an easy one. All over my blog I talk about how I make sure that what I am cooking or baking is not only healthy and full of nourishing ingredients, but that it also tastes bomb. I refuse to live a life eating things I hate. And this is why a lot of people won’t convert to the healthy way of eating and living – because they think healthy food tastes bad.

So show them it doesn’t. Make them an incredibly tasting chili that’s packed with vegetables and extremely tasty flavours. Bake some healthy brownies that don’t even taste healthy (seriously, I don’t know how she does it).

When D and I moved in together, I took over the kitchen. I’m the main cook in the house and the majority of the things I make in our kitchen is healthy. And D is quite easy when it comes to food, as long as I don’t make him eat kale and sneak mushrooms in, he’s usually not that picky. By extension, he eats quite a healthy diet. And I know that if he likes the taste of some health food I’ve made, that I’m doing something right.

I’ve made him healthy banana bread loaves and loads of Ambitious Kitchen healthy muffins and waffles. I’ve proven that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or taste bad. And I try to prove that to you guys all the time by posting amazingly good recipes that are full of great flavours and still very healthy.

Arrange Activities or Meals Together

It really depends on the person because some people are really put off by going on a hike or going to the gym together. I know if my mom is around, she’s always up for being active. We’ve arranged bike rides or walks together back when I lived with them.

With my girl friends, we’re all trying to get in shape right now and we’re arranging some fun new workout classes we can do together in London which I honestly CAN NOT WAIT for.

As far as food, invite this special person to a new restaurant that has a lot of health conscious options. Make it more of a fun day out versus making it feel restrictive.

Change Your Attitude

This is probably the biggest problem people have with health conscious people. They can be pushy.

It’s just like being overly religious and the people who try to push their opinions and beliefs on you. And it always has the complete opposite effect.

Don’t act like you’re better than others because you’ve made the choice to eat healthy. Be proud of yourself and take pride in your daily decisions to be good to your body, but don’t make others feel bad about the fact that they may not be there yet.

Instead, learn to inspire. Show people that you love to indulge every once in a while but you also enjoy fueling your body with the right foods. Talk about how much happier you are, how much better you feel, show before and after pictures. Whatever your heart fancies. Just don’t try to make others feel bad about themselves. You’ll never win them over. You’ll just drive them further away.

Accept People for Who They Are

There are some people who just don’t care. Some people have just given up or really aren’t as bothered as you are. They want to live their life as they please and that’s that. And you know what? That’s okay.

Not everyone has to have the same opinions as you. And every body is different. Maybe their lifestyle is the best foot forward for them. Maybe they have other things going on in their life that they want to tackle first.

Some people may choose more of a 50/50 approach. Maybe they train really hard and are able to indulge more often when it comes to foods. Who knows?

It’s so hard to sit back when you know there are a few simple things they could try that may actually help, but sometimes you just need to let it go and let them be.

Show Your Passions

In my opinion, inspiring people will get you much further than preaching to people. If you make them feel like the healthy lifestyle is easily attainable and like they can accomplish their goals, I think they’ll be much more interested.

I’ve seen it happen myself. I’m not even the “healthiest” blogger out there. And I don’t work out that much, but I’ve been told that I’ve inspired people to get back to the gym. ME?!?

I get told quite often that I inspire people to get in the kitchen more which is why I love sharing healthy recipes on the blog. And I think it’s because not only do I love to cook and bake, and treat my body and mind with respect, but I show others how to do it. I provide tips on my Instagram and website all the time. And I’m understanding about how difficult it can be. Believe me, I’ve woken up many times on Sundays not wanting to meal prep, but knowing it will make my life so much easier throughout the week if I do.

I’m honest about my successes and failures and just keep learning along the way. And it does inspire others to want to do the same.

Walk the Walk

This flows quite nicely from the above tip. Just be you. Stay true to who you are and what you believe in. The people close to you will see how you live your life. They will notice. And when they’re ready to make a change in their lifestyle, guess who they’re going to come to for advice?

Show everyone how to live a healthy life. Show them what your workouts are like, even if it’s only 10 minutes. Show people the meals you eat, especially when you’re indulging. Write about your wellness journey and be open about your trials and your successes.

Be supportive. Some people find it much harder than others. Some people take longer. And some people are battling other things and may need your help. Offer to workout with this person. Offer to send them recipes, or have them over for dinner, or even create a group chat and encourage each other to make healthy choices and workout often.

It’s not easy to watch the people close to you make mistakes that you know are easily avoidable. It’s a battle I fight often the more knowledge I have obtained by doing research in the health and wellness industry. You’ve just got to let it go. But making sure those people know you support them, and love them, and just want what’s best for them is incredibly important. One day, they will need your advice and they will come to you looking for it. Just make sure you don’t provide a judgy and condemning attitude before that happens, or they’ll never even want to talk to you about it.

Do you have any other tips or tricks that have worked for you in the past? Share some with me!

Much Love,

Sam xx

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