About Me


The name is Sam. I’m an American who moved to London over a year ago to be with my then boyfriend. A lot has changed since then, because now we’re engaged to be married!

I initially created this blog as a way for me to be creative as my full time job was in a very technical industry. It’s come a very long way since then and I’ve grown a certain passion for it. It’s no longer just a hobby of mine, but a career I would like to take full time some day.

As I’ve gotten older my life just seems to be so hectic at all times. There is always something I need to do, which is how the name of the blog came to be: Knackered by Chaos. For those who don’t know knackered is a British word for being exhausted. I’m one of those people who is busy at all times. I thrive off of a busy schedule.

Generally speaking, you will find that this is a lifestyle blog. But everyone’s lifestyle is different. In the last year, I have shifted my focus into Wellness. This includes lots of incredible and healthy recipes and snack ideas, workout regimes, self-care, balance, and taking care of the body and the mind. When I’m not blogging about that, I love discussing skincare tips and products, books, especially Harry Potter, TV shows, especially Friends, anywhere I travel to, London, and now wedding planning.

Over this next year, I plan to make a lot more improvements to this blog. I learn more and more every day about how to better the blog and my social media platforms. It’s always growing and becoming a better version of itself. I hope you choose to follow along in this adventure with me as we navigate life together.

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Much Love,

Sam xxx