List of Places I’ve Been

Day 29 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

For Day 29, I am supposed to write about where I have travelled. As I have written many detailed posts about my most recent travels, I’m just going to list some places, and include some great pictures. Sound good?

K great. Thanks.

North America:

  1. Michigan (I live here lolz)
  2. Ohio
  3. Indiana
  4. Illinois
  5. Missouri
  6. Kentucky
  7. Tennessee
  8. Georgia
  9. North Carolina
  10. South Carolina
  11. Florida
  12. Minnesota
  13. New York
  14. Puerto Rico
  15. Canada


  1. Cozumel
  2. Haiti
  3. Jamaica
  4. Grand Cayman


  1. United Kingdom
  2. Netherlands


Ok this list actually isn’t so bad. I used to think that I’ve never really been anywhere and that’s definitely a lie. I have been to places. I haven’t really seen places. I’ve driven through or flown through most of the states on this list. And I really want to visit more countries. And my boyfriend really wants to do a road trip through some of the states in the U.S. at some point.

This was actually fun. I’m going to keep updating it every year. I feel much more accomplished! Please see below for some pictures of all of these places!

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Any countries or places you think I absolutely must go to? Comment below!


Much Love


What I’m Looking Forward To

Day 28 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Today I get to write about what I’m looking forward to as the title of this post suggests. Doy. If I titled this post that and didn’t write about it, that’d be stupid. But I’m trying to write an introduction here so let me reiterate the title. That’s what they taught me in school. We have to do it this way. No one knows why, and you’re not supposed to ask.


I’m looking forward to a lot of things. And instead of writing about one specific thing, I figured that I would make a list. Bitches love lists.

  1. Moving to the UK.
  2. Living with my boyfriend.
  3. Becoming a full-time blogger.
  4. Getting married.
  5. Travelling anywhere and everywhere.
  6. Having a child or two.

And I can’t think any further ahead than that. So ask me again in five years and I’ll probably have a whole new list.


Much Love



My Favorite Recipe

Day 27 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

I’ll have to apologize in advance to all of you because I won’t be able to actually post my favorite recipe, as it’s not mine and I’ve never actually made it before!! :O

If you’re an avid reader, you’re probably thinking it’s either the Turkey Chili I wouldn’t shut up about a couple months ago, or my boyfriend’s famous Spaghetti Bolognese.

And you’re right. It’s the Spaghetti Bolognese.

I like it for a lot reasons:

  1. It’s pasta. And I’m obsessed with pasta.
  2. It’s a secret. I don’t know how it’s made because he does it himself. And that makes it mysterious which makes me like it more. Psychology.
  3. My boyfriend makes it, in case you didn’t know already. Which means I don’t have to do anything.
  4. It takes three hours to make the sauce so by the time you actually get served, you’re hungry enough to eat another human being.
  5. Because it is actually that amazing. The flavors are exquisite. And if we ever opened up a restaurant, we’d probably become famous for it. Kid you not.

Sorry you can’t have any. Nor can you have the recipe because even I don’t have the recipe.




Much Love


An Old Photo of Me…

Day 26 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

For Day 26, I’m supposed to post an old photo of myself. Unfortunately, all the old photos I have are in physical form and not digital. So I went through all the digital “old” photos I have and chose the one below.


I’m pretty sure I was 5. And as you’ve guessed, this was my gymnastics photo! Fun fact about me: I used to love gymnastics when I was a kid. And I was decent! I only did it for a couple years, but it’s given me the ability to be relatively good at cheerleading in middle school and high school, and yoga now.

I chose this one because I was absolutely killing the leotard and bangs game and had to show you all. Hhahahaah 🙂


Much Love


My Five Favorite Bloggers

Day 25 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

For Day 25, I’m supposed to write about my five favorite bloggers. As you know, I’ve only had this blog since mid-January, so I don’t know the blogosphere all that well yet. It is my goal to start paying a lot more attention to my fellow bloggers, support their work, and stalk their profiles in the future. But for now, these are my five favorite blogs. If you don’t know them or heard of them before, you should check them out. I’ve included links to all their profiles below:

  1. Buzzfeed. I’m starting off big because I have always loved Buzzfeed. Most of their posts are hilarious and totally relatable. I’m not a huge fan of their news’ posts because they have no business reporting the news. It’s weird. Stick to what you know. Which essentially is trolling the internet and finding extremely funny shit to make fun of. Also, their recipes are usually great.
  2. In the Frow. All fellow lifestyle bloggers know her. She is amazing. And she’s absolutely beautiful. Her website is one to be desired and her Instagram game is top notch. She would be #lifestylebloggergoals and I think everyone feels this way. She’s definitely killing the game.
  3. MyBetterSelf. She’s actually more of an Instagrammer. I don’t think she has a blog, but I have included the link to her YouTube channel. She lives in Paris and is the cutest thing. I love her body image posts, and she’s actually very responsive despite the fact that she has over 24K followers. I really enjoy what she does and she seems like such a sweet girl.
  4. Ambitious Kitchen. I have blogged about her recipes before so I had to include her on this list. Her tag line is “Sweet Treats and Healthy Eats!” So cute. And I’ve made many of her recipes and they’ve all been very good. I always enjoy her posts and pictures of living in Chicago. You should definitely look at her recipes if you haven’t already.
  5. A New York Chapter. Last, but most definitely not least!! My best friend actually co-owns this blog. They created it over a year ago and have already formed so many relationships with different brands and fellow bloggers. And their photography is amazing. I love seeing what they’re doing and I think they’ve done an absolutely kick ass job so far. I definitely think this will be one to watch out for in the next couple of years as they continue to grow their brand and site.

And that’s it!

Like I said, I hope to get more familiar with other bloggers in the next year. So maybe I’ll be able to write another post in the future with a lot more detail. In the meantime, be sure to check these sites out if you haven’t. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


Much Love


My Favorite Childhood Books

Day 24 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

This is hard. Because 1) how am I supposed to remember? I was a child. 2) I read a LOT and LOVED all books. 3) I actually don’t think I had a favorite.

Ok so when I was a teeny tiny kid, I know I loved Green Eggs & Ham because it had my name in it so I thought that that was really cool. I know I always asked my mom to read me that one.


When I got older, I loved the Nancy Drew novels. If I didn’t read all of them, I came pretty close because I was always checking those out of the library.


I also loved all of the Mary-Kate & Ashley books. I would read them all and watch all of their movies. I wanted to be them and was really bummed I didn’t have a twin sister to solve mysteries with. Now that I look back, I’m so happy I didn’t. She probably would have taken all the credit!


What was your favorite childhood book? Comment below!


Much Love


My Dream Job

Day 23 – 31 Day Blog Challenge

Now this is a hard one to write about because it really has to depend on the way you look at it.

I changed my idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up very often as a kid. I went from “dentist” to “teacher” to “singer” to “actress.” When I got to high school, I knew I wanted to do something in the English realm, and decided on being an author. The next JK Rowling! Soon enough, I realized that I didn’t want that off the bat. I liked writing (still do, obviously) but the idea of spending my 20’s in a dingy apartment with coffee (that I didn’t like at the time) and constantly writing without knowing if I’d be successful or not did not sound appealing.

Part of me always wanted to be a stay at home mom. And as I still think that is a very rewarding life choice, I know that I would always want more. I loved nannying when I was doing it, but I always liked being able to take time to do adult activities as well. So devoting ALL of my time to mom life would eventually drive me mad.

I took a Project Management class at university and loved it. And luckily enough, I’ve been doing program management ever since. I do like the daily tasks I have, and the responsibility of keeping everyone on track. However, I work in a very technical field. And as you probably could have guessed from what I’ve written so far, I’m much more of a creative person. I prefer creative work spaces.

So I created this blog. And it has given me the opportunity to write short posts, work on social media, research other bloggers and the community I’m interested in, try new products, be way more adventurous than I used to be, etc. It has really broadened my horizons. And in this very short amount of time since I’ve launched it, I could really see this being my future career.

In all honesty, I do feel like I am not putting 100% effort into the blog right now. As you know now, I’ve been planning to move to the UK for months so my main focus was getting all of that figured out. And the next couple months I’ll be busy with packing, moving, finding a flat, and settling in. So I don’t anticipate getting into a smooth rhythm until the Fall. But it’s all worth it. And once I’m over there, I will have the opportunity to blog about so many more different things. We’ll be travelling much more and heading into London very often, and so on and so forth.

I would have to say then that being a full-time lifestyle blogger would be my dream job now. It would be amazing to set my own hours, write, post, research, meet other fellow bloggers, and get paid for it. Eventually, I hope to do that. I know it’s a lot of work, but I do have faith that I’ll get there some day. And it would also help make my dream come true of being able to stay at home with my children when they’re young! My mom did that for me and I will never forget that. It was truly amazing to have her there for me and I would like to be able to do that for my kids.

Any of you share the same dream job? If not, what is yours and are you on your way there? Comment below!

Much Love