Flat Digital HD Antenna: The Why and How

It’s long been known that Comcast/Xfinity has horrible customer service but because they’re the only company in my area that could give me cable and internet, I elected to use their services. Now as this isn’t a review on Comcast’s crappy services, I’ll skip a lot of the story and move on.

Anyway, I realized that in the last 6-8 months, the only thing I was really using cable for was the free movies and to watch the news in the morning. At an extra $80 a month, that’s hardly worth it. So I decided to get rid of my cable subscription. I have Netflix and Hulu accounts, but found that I’m still missing my morning news, and the occasional award show on Sunday nights.

Therefore, I purchased a Flat Digital Antenna on Amazon. For the specific model I bought, click here.

It is ridiculously easy to set up, but I laid out the instructions below for reference.

1 – Open the package, contents shown below:



2 – Connect everything. Make sure the cable is screwed into the antenna input on your TV, and then plug in the power adapter from the digital antenna.

3 – Turn your TV on, click on menu on your remote, click on Broadcasting, then Auto Program. It may look something like this on your TV:



4 – Wait 10 minutes or so for your TV to grab all the channels.



5 – Done! You should have some channels to flip through now.



You may have to troubleshoot a bit. I plugged everything in and then realized I never plugged the cable cord into the TV (lol, don’t laugh). I have also read that it helps if you put your flat antenna near a window to get better signal and more channels. I can’t do that as my entertainment unit is too far away from the windows, but I still get a fair amount of channels. And now I can watch the news in the morning for free! Problems solved.


Are any of you using other devices to get basic cable other than this? If so, comment below or write me on Twitter – @knackeredchaos!


Much Love


An Overnight Upper Class Flight from DTW to LHR on Virgin Airlines: A Review

The week before Christmas, I took a trip to England. I booked my flight in the summer, back when I had some money, and decided that I would fly first class on the way there. Now even though it costed a shit load of money, it was definitely worth it. And now I have a new blog piece right?? 🙂

Before I got on the plane, I only knew what my boyfriend and parents had told me about flying first class on an overnight flight, as this was my first time. So I’ve decided to inform those of you who don’t know anyone who can fill you in so that you can be prepared. I personally think it’s nice to know what to expect so you don’t look completely stupid and in shock the entire time.

I was the fourth person on the plane. I immediately found my pod and situated myself. Two minutes after I had sat down a flight attendant came by with champagne and I did not reject it. There was a little bag on your seat next to the menu that includes what’s to offer for dinner and breakfast. Inside the bag, I found a toothbrush and toothpaste, lavender spray for my pillow, an eye mask, a pen, etc. (I say etc. because I actually can’t remember anything else they put in there – sorry).

It takes a while to board everyone on the plane, so I just read my book and sipped my champagne until the captain came on to notify us that we would be departing soon.



(Above: Me reading in my pod in seat 3K waiting to take off. Book: The Woman in Cabin 10)

The flight attendants then came around to get us situated for dinner once we were in the air. They took out my tray, put a placemat on top, and laid out silverware and glasses. I, then, had about 6 different options for wine to drink – I tried all the reds, obvs. As I mentioned before, the menu was provided before we sat down so I had some time to look it over. When the flight attended came to me I ordered a quinoa salad for a starter and a chicken dish for the main. They also came around with warm rolls about 3 or 4 times and you could pretty much eat as much as you want and I did. The food was good! I was very surprised that plane food could actually be tasty.

Throughout the whole duration of the flight I watched movies on the entertainment unit they provide in my pod that leaned back far enough to be very very comfortable. I am only 5’2” and I fit perfectly. After about two hours into the flight, everyone began to lay down for sleep.

The flight attendants come by with a “sleep suit” that you can choose to accept or decline. I accepted as I was told the duvet gets white fuzz all over your clothes. I didn’t have much of a problem with fuzz, but it was nice to have a change of clothes for sleep, especially if you’re a person who travels in jeans or something uncomfortable (weirdo). You can ask a flight attendant to turn your pod into the bed whenever you’re ready and they’ll get the pillow and duvet out for you.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t really sleep. It wasn’t the most comfortable bed in the world and they ask you to keep your seatbelt on so if you move around a lot in your sleep – like me – it makes it a bit restricting. The guy behind me was snoring rather loudly and as that became the only thing I could focus on, sleep wasn’t coming quickly. But the real reason I couldn’t fall asleep was because of the fact that I was SO EXCITED, not only to be in England, but to see my boyfriend as it had been a month since I’d seen him last. I ended up getting an hour-long nap before I woke up to the smell of breakfast.

You don’t have to wake up for breakfast if you don’t want to, but the advice I received was to take full advantage of everything first class offers. And I’m sure glad I did.

I felt really bad as at this time my stomach was a bit queasy so I didn’t eat much of the breakfast they gave me. I did, however, order some tea with my breakfast in hopes that it would help my stomach. I ordered it black and got the weirdest looks from the flight attendant, forgetting that tea in England is very strong compared to the tea in America. So drinking English breakfast tea black is not a smart idea when you have a stomachache, or any time for that matter. I didn’t finish that either. Anyway, I went to the bathroom to change and tried to do a bit of makeup, and then a half hour later we had landed.

All in all, it was a very successful flight. I would fly Virgin every time if I had the option – the staff was friendly and the service was impeccable, and to top it off, we arrived earlier than scheduled! And first class ain’t that bad either 😉


Are there specific airlines you feel devoted to after a positive flight experience? Comment below or write me on Twitter – @knackeredchaos!



Much Love


The Ten Best Ideas to Keep Valentine’s Day Interesting in 2017

It’s 2017. We’re halfway through January. And Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s time to think about plans.

Last year, I was happily single and went to see Deadpool by myself in theatres. It was awesome and I loved how content I was.

But this year, I’m in a long-term, long-distance, and committed relationship (as I’ve been told to say) so I probably won’t be able to get away with going to the movie theatre alone this year.

I understand that everyone has a different relationship status so I created three separate lists to help spark some ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. See below for inspiration!

For those who are killin’ it single style:

  • Wine, cheese, and bread. Need I say more? Not sure if I even need to go on, but I promised you a list….
  • Go to the theatre! See a chick flick, or a funny action movie. Make your own stove-popped popcorn and sneak it in (because movie theatre prices are absolutely ridiculous) and enjoy a date night to yourself. It’s fun, try it.
  • Do that thing you’ve been wanting to do but keep putting off. Whether it’s cleaning out your closet (separate post to follow), or organizing your music library, the time is now. Or, shall I say, on February 14th.
  • What you usually do on a Tuesday. Because Valentine’s Day should just be about showing your love to the special people in your life and it does not have to be about couples. Just send some nice texts or cards out to your loved ones and make yourself a nice homemade dinner. With wine, of course.

For those who have dates:

  • Burgers! Go get a juicy burger and fries. You don’t have to break the bank! And then go home and give each other a nice massage, once you’ve digested. I suggest using a massage bar from Lush. They are absolutely divine.
  • Light a fire – if you have a fireplace, or live somewhere where it’s warm enough to sit by a fire pit. Nothing much more romantic than sipping wine next to a fire in the Winter.
  • Make a 3 or 4-course dinner together. You can each be responsible for different courses. But it’d be a good way to save money, have some fun, and keep it romantic.

For those who are also in long-term, long-distance, and committed relationships:

  • Game night! Facetime and play games together online or on your phone. You could try a couple’s game. The internet has everything.
  • Movie night. Facetime and try playing a new Netflix movie at the same time. I can’t tell you this would work out perfectly, but you could give it a try. And let me know how that one goes!
  • Sexy time night. Facetime and well, you know. Please don’t tell me how this one goes. Best to keep that to yourself….

I hope you found a good idea or inspiration from one of these. But the most important thing is that you decide to do what you want to do and make it a good night to remember. Money? Relationship status? The most important thing is to have fun! It’s Valentine’s Day for crying out loud.

Let me know if you tried any of these suggestions and tell me how they worked for you. Comment below or write me on Twitter – @knackeredchaos!


Much Love and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Five Ways to Fight Hormonal Acne

Being a woman is not easy. I’m sure most of you know this as you’re either a woman yourself or you know one. Regardless of your gender, you can’t deny this fact: our hormones are messed up all the time. After a couple years doing the same routine, you think you know your body and you can begin to predict or understand when things start acting up. But the moment you change something, say, I don’t know, your birth control or get an IUD, your hormones go haywire and you have to start all over again.

Therefore, we need to find new ways to be smart. When it comes to acne, I have had my fair share. And I’ve tried everything – from all of the topical creams, washes, and ointments to all of the medications. I’ve been on every antibiotic known to man, and even went through six months of Accutane. Guess what? I still have acne. I am 25 years old and still battling acne!

It’s frustrating. And since I know that it is 100% attributed to my hormones, there’s only so much I can do about it. But, I’m still trying. Below is a list of suggestions I have that have worked for me and some of my favorite products, and where you can buy it:

  • Drink lots of water. This will never not solve your problems. Water is so important, especially for your skin. It is recommended to drink around 8 glasses a day – 64 oz.
  • Make sure to wash your face in the morning and before bed. If you’re not doing this, you’re already doing skincare wrong. Also, make sure you’re using actual face wash as other soaps and products can be too harsh for your face.
  • Find a moisturizer that won’t clog your pores – paraben free – and use it morning and night. I use First Aid Beauty products for both a face wash and moisturizer morning and night as it’s really safe for sensitive skin. You can find it at Sephora here.
  • Kate Somerville spot treatment. This is especially useful for the big cystic acne that you need to dry up quickly. Just get a Q-tip and dab it on your spot before bed. The next day you will see that it has significantly shrunk. You can get it here.
  • Tea Tree Oil. This stuff feels great and smells nice. You can pretty much find it anywhere. Just put it on the affected area once or twice a day, depending on what works for you.

If you try all 5 of these steps, have given it a good couple of weeks, and you’re not seeing anything improve, I would definitely see a dermatologist. Everyone’s situation is different, especially when it comes to acne and hormones – and there’s no sure way of fighting it.

Are there certain products or suggestions that have especially worked for you not mentioned above? Comment below or write me on Twitter – @knackeredchaos!


Much Love


The Three Best Sitcoms to Watch on Hulu

Essentially, this is a list of my favorite sitcoms right now. And since I got rid of cable, I watch everything on Hulu or steam it from a free third party. This is not sponsored.

New Girl












I’ve watched from the beginning and I don’t think it’s as good as it once used to be, but I can’t stop because it’s still light-hearted and entertaining. Also, Nick Miller.

Watch on Hulu.

Modern Family



I picked this show up a couple years ago and have watched religiously ever since. Modern Family is hilarious and the mockumentary-type style of shooting is genius. I definitely think it had more laugh-out-loud funny moments in the earlier seasons, but the writers are still on their A-game. Phil Dunphy makes the show what it is.

Watch on Hulu.

The Mindy Project



I’m a really big fan of Mindy Kaling in general. She has a very distinct sense of humor but it leaves me laughing out loud and desperately wanting to be her best friend. I was really sad when FOX dropped it, but I feel that it got better when Hulu picked it up anyway. I’m so so glad that they did.

Watch on Hulu.

Are there any sitcoms on Hulu that weren’t included on this list you think I should watch? Comment below or write me on Twitter – @knackeredchaos.


Much Love


Favorite Things To Do in New York City

I’ve been to New York City for two long weekends and a week-long trip now. I wouldn’t say I’m a New York expert, by any means, but I’ve traveled enough as a tourist to have been able to form a good opinion on my favorite things to do, see, eat, etc.

When I travel, I like to live life like a local would. I do think it’s important to see the historic buildings, museums, or other prominent places, but the tours and admission tend to cost loads of money and ends up taking over your entire trip.

After taking three separate trips to New York City, I have seen and done the following:

  • Saw the Statue of Liberty on a Hudson River Cruise at night
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Navigated the subway system
  • 9/11 Memorial and Museum
  • Seen One World Trade Center
  • Seen the Empire State Building
  • Been in the MET, and gone to the rooftop garden bar (where picture above was taken)
  • Went through the National History Museum
  • Been to Rockefeller Center
  • Walked the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Washington Square, and saw the outside of the apartment building from Friends
  • Walked through Union Square
  • Walked through Central Park
  • Walked through Times Square
  • Had my first NYC hot dog
  • Hailed my first NYC taxi
  • Saw the Ghostbusters’ building
  • Walked the High Line
  • Went to Chelsea Market
  • Tried Shake Shack

And a lot more. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve done a lot. But I feel more like I’ve lived life as a New Yorker more so than spent my entire time and money on tours and herded around like cattle.

Therefore, I have a few favorite things about the city. Below is the list of places and things I would do next time I go back:

  • Sons of Essex: Literally favorite restaurant in the city. Located on Essex street, I have eaten brunch there and dinner twice. I have had some of the best times there. The food has always been exquisite and the staff has always been accommodating and fun, which is rare to find in the city. As a bonus, the interior décor is gorgeous – it looks a lot like the inside of a British pub.
  • Rooftop bar. 530 Fifth Ave has amazing views of the city, and both times I’ve been there, it hasn’t been busy at all. The Sheraton Tribeca hotel also has a rooftop with a beautiful view. My boyfriend and I spent many nights drinking out there. We couldn’t get enough of it.
  • Trying new food! This is my absolute favorite thing about the city. You can eat anything you want in New York. There is no excuse to be hungry there, and we never were. There’s always a new place to try, and it’s all so yummy. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Eat!!
  • Brooklyn, NY. Everyone gives it so much crap, but my boyfriend and I loved it! We both said if we ever moved to NYC, we would live in Brooklyn. I loved the vibe. Not as rush rush as the city, but you’re still close enough to get the same benefits. Also, everything is much cheaper.

If you’ve been to NYC as a tourist, or have lived or currently live there locally, what would you say are you favorite things to do or go? Do you agree with me about the food? Comment below or write me on Twitter @knackeredchaos!

Much Love