How to Hack Sephora to Get Free Samples

I was, and still am, a Sephora addict. For those who don’t know what Sephora is, google it. It’s a skincare and makeup heaven. If you become VIB Rouge, which you have to spend $1000 a year to get there and maintain, you get a load of benefits. Not only do you get free custom makeovers whenever you want, but you also get Free 2-Day shipping on online orders, first access to new items, and special gifts on your birthday. If you’re seriously into makeup and skincare, it’s a perfect place.

But buying good makeup and skincare products is expensive. And spending $1000 a year on those products sounds insane – believe me, I know. Although, I love it. I love trying out new products and taking care of my skin as much as I can. With having psoriasis and acne-prone skin, I am definitely willing to pay more for quality products that keep my skin healthy. For me, it’s all worth it.

After being a VIB Rouge member for some time, I began to realize some tricks into the online Sephora system. Any online order is qualified for 3 free samples. Somewhere hidden on the Sephora website is a page called “Weekly Specials” which shows all these other samples you can choose from after spending ~$25. Now if you know Sephora, it’s highly doubtful you’re purchasing an item for less than $25, which means that for almost every item, you can do a separate order and get 4 free samples if you are VIB Rouge (because of the free shipping). So, I began to do just that. I’d have 4 or 5 products to buy, so I’d place 4 or 5 separate orders, and they’d send me everything in one box. It’s a brilliant way to try new products and decide if you like them enough to purchase it on its own. Or you can save up the samples for travelling or to keep in your handbag when you’re out and about.

After doing this for a year, I had built up an insane amount of free samples. Before I moved to the UK, I had to go through them all. And then I got this brilliant idea: that I would try these samples out and write reviews on them. Yay – I love being inspired by a new post idea! Within the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing my feelings on all these skincare and beauty products to let you know which ones I think are worth purchasing.

Oh! And as an added bonus, my CapitalOne card gives me an option to use my miles to get gift cards. Sadly, there are no Sephora locations in the UK, however, they can do international shipping. It may not be as convenient as it was back in the States, but I can still feed my Sephora addiction from time to time.

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated as I carry on with everything. Make sure you follow my Instagram account and keep a look out for my stories as I’ll make sure to show you all what I’m trying out!


Much Love



The Moment I Fell in Love With AmorePacific

Well the moment is here. I found my favorite skincare moisturizer.

Unfortunately it costs as much as my grocery bill for a month, so I’ll never actually get to use it.

You guys, this stuff was amazing. And I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Let me explain…

I have found a very clever way to hack Sephora and get free shit. So in one of those Sephora hacks, I was able to choose a free sample. I tend to choose moisturizers or face washes so that I can take them with me when I’m travelling. I saw the AMOREPACIFIC gel moisturizer and picked it. It got to my apartment just in time for my weekend trip to NYC. I was staying with some girls and when I pulled it out, they freaked out and told me that this is an amazing brand and it’s really expensive. And I’m just over here in my ignorant cocoon like “la da da da da” having absolutely no idea.

I went to wash my face and put the moisturizer on. And I kid you not, I woke up in the morning and my face had transformed. It looked amazing and felt amazing. A lot of my acne had settled down and my face looked healthy. So I’ve been using teensy tiny bits of this moisturizer since then so I could get as much out of it as possible. My acne has almost completely gone away. My face looks the best it has looked in MONTHS. And I feel like I have to attribute it to this moisturizer. I looked it up on Sephora and it was $100-200. So I’ll never be able to afford it and this makes me very sad.

But, if you get the chance for a free sample or any kind of opportunity to use this, DO IT. It is amazing. And now I can understand how models and celebrities have flawless skin – because they have access to magical products that are priced much too high for the peasants! Argh!!

Anyway, go look at their website here. Even the design of the site looks like it cost a billion dollars.


Have any of you used AMOREPACIFIC’s products before? Comment below!

Much Love